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A pool table that is also known as a pocket billiard table or billiards table is a bounded table that has been worlds one of the most popular indoor activities for many years.

The first pool table was made in France in the 1400s and the early version of pool tables are owned by King King Louis XI of France (1461 – 1483). Earlier tables were rough predecessors and made from flat stone. Then covered with cloth and a hole in the cent of the table.

Modern pool tables have six pockets. One pocket at each corner of the table and one pocket at the middle point of each long side. Slate pool tables help the pool ball roll smoothly and properly.

Cloths used in pool tables have come in different colors like blue, green, and red which are most popular among all types. Pocket billiards, American style eight-ball, straight pool, Carom etc are some variations of pool played current days.

So, How Much Does A Pool Table Weigh?

The pool table’s weight depends on sizes and models, thickness, materials used on the frame etc. A lightweight pool table can weigh around 200 pounds or 90 kg and heavier pool tables can weigh up to 1000 pounds or 453.5 kg or more.

Due to their weight and bulkiness, most of the pool tables are very difficult to move from one place to another. So we strongly recommend you hire some professionals if you have no previous experience.

Pool Table

Weight Examples Of Various Pool Tables:

  • St Lawrence 8′ Pool Table – 700 pounds or 317 kg
  • Barrington Springdale 7′ 6″ Pool Table – 198 pounds or 89 kg
  • Fat Cat Reno 7′ Pool Table – 313 pounds or 141 kg
  • Augusta Non-Slate 8′ Pool Table – 352.5 pounds or 159 kg
  • Traditional Cedar Log 8′ Pool Table – 1,200 pounds or 544 kg
  • Minnesota Fats Fullerton™ 7.5′ Pool Table – 265 pounds or 120 kg
  • 7′ Pool Table with Snooker Full Set Accessories – 320 pounds or 145 kg
  • Glen Oaks Billiards 8′ Pool Table – 705 pounds or 319 kg
  • Yukon River 8′ Pool Table – 850 pounds or 385 kg
  • Donovan II Slatron 8′ Pool Table & Accessories – 365 pounds or 165 kg

How Much Does A Slate Pool Table Weigh?

Slate pool tables are mainly used by the metamorphic rock that directly affects the overall weight of a pool table and makes it heavier. Metamorphic rock is fine-grained and smoothened-out rock. Although slate provides 65% overall weight of a pool table. So what is the weight range of a slate pool table?

Depending on size and models and how many slates are used a slate pool table can weigh between 650 pounds or 295 kg to 1000 pounds or 454 kg.

On average each slate weighs from 150 pounds or 68 kg to 250 pounds or 113 kg and most of the pool tables use 3 slates.

Slate Pool Table

Typical Pool Tables That Are Used To Play These Games Include Different Components Such As:

Rail cushions, Pockets, Playfield, Cloth, Slate, Legs, Blinds, Cabinet side, Cabinet end, Top rails etc.

Factors That Determine The Weight Of Slate Pool Tables:

There are mainly four factors that affect the overall weight of any pool table and they are as follows:

Slate Table Types: Mainly there are two types of slate pool tables you can find in the market. And they are a one-piece slate table and a three-piece slate table.

One-piece slate tables are made of a single slate board and weigh less and thus are easier to move around. They are also cheaper to fix compared to three-piece tables.

On the other hand, three-piece slate pool tables are very expensive, heavy in weight and perfectly leveled. Mainly made from three separate pieces of plates on the slates, they are hard to move from one place to another as they are heavy in weight. Three-piece slate tables are usually used by professional pool lovers as they are very smooth and have a level surface.

Used Slate Thickness: the thickness of the slate used in a pool table provide a huge impact on the table.

Regular slate pool tables have 1-inch to ⅞ inch, ¾ inch, or even a ½ inch slate bed. Usually, thicker slate beds make the slate pool table heavier.

One-piece slate pool tables have one-piece slate beds that are ¾ inch thick and three-piece slate pool tables have the three-piece slate bed with 1-inch thick each which is industry standard.

Pool Table Size: The size of the slate pool table also affects its weight. The typical standard size of slate pool tables is 7,8,9 feet. A 7 feet pool table can weigh around 700 pounds or 317.5 kg and 8 feet slate pool table can weigh around 850 pounds or 385.5 kg. And 9 feet slate pool table can weigh around 1000 pounds or 453.5 kg. A 10 feet snooker slate pool table can weigh around 1500 pounds or 680 kg or more. And a 12 feet slate pool table can weigh around 2500 pounds or 1134 kg. These heavy tables are made from 5 pieces of slates which are 1 ¾” thick and each of these five pieces of slate can weigh around 350 pounds.

Body Structure of Slate Pool Table: Overall structure also provides a little impact on a slate pool table’s overall weight. Typically hardwood like oak is used to build the surroundings of slate pool tables. And body frame weight of a slate pool table can be around 200 pounds or 91 kg. The legs of a slate pool table weigh around 10 to 20 pounds or 4.5 kg to 9 kg. The rails can weigh around 10 to 15 pounds or 4.5 kg or 6.8 kg each and can be sperate into 6 parts for easy transportation.

How Much Does A Pool Table Cost?

Pool tables come in different price ranges. A basic entry-level pool table can cost $1200 to $2000 and a high-quality slate pool table cost can be around $2000 to $3500 made by solid hardwood. Some model’s price can fall above or below this range.

How Much Weight Can A Pool Table Hold?

Most of the pool tables are durable and heavy. But they are designed to hold the weight that is required for the pool games. On average most pool tables can hold 5 pounds to 10 pounds. Anything above that weight range can damage or break the pool table itself.

Is It Ok To Stand On A Pool Table?

As with most pool tables, key part slates are fragile so you better not stand on a pool table. This is highly recommended.

How To Move A Pool Table?

A. To move a pool table to a new house:

You will need tools and materials like measuring tape, pliers or staple remover, Screwdriver set, plastic bags, socket wrench, drill machine etc.

Then follow these easy to follow steps:

1. Measure the pathways and doorways.

2. Start disassembling the pool table.

3. Remove all key parts like ball pocket, table slate etc.

4. Remove all table legs properly.

5. Wrap up each part to prevent damage. Then write 

labels to identify each part.

B. To move a pool table to Another Room:

You can easily move a pool table to another room without disassembling it. Just keep above mentions tools with you and use them when required. And follow these steps:

1. Use dollies if you don’t need to take the pool table apart.

2. Instead of Dolly you can use a pool table lift to help you move the pool tables easily.

3. Use furniture sliders if you need to move your pool table for shorter distances.

And if you can not move pool tables by yourself then you can hire professionals.

Fun Facts:

>>Pool or Billiards evolved from lawn game that is similar to croquet!

>>Pool is worlds one of the safest sports unless you get smacked on your face with the cue ball!

>>First billiard room was made in back 1765!

>>Wool has used primary fabric on pool tables over four centuries!

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