Weight Of Sumo Wrestlers

Known as Rikishi in Japan which means “strength” and “warrior”, sumo wrestlers are among the world’s largest and heavyweight athletes. Sumo wrestlers are popular for their great girth and body mass which are sometimes considered as winning factors. Most of the sumo wrestlers live in communal sumo training stables where everything of their daily lives is dictated by a strict traditional system. It is believed that the first-ever sumo wrestling happened over 1500 years ago or even longer. It is the national sport of Japan.

But How Much Do These Wrestlers Weigh?

On average a sumo wrestler can weigh around 325 to 330 pounds or 147.4 kg to 150 kg. Heaviest sumo wrestler weight can be 500 pounds or 226 kg or even more than this!

No weight divisions are available in sumo wrestling which means one competitor can be heavier than another one.

How Much Do These Wrestlers Weigh

How Strong Are Sumo Wrestlers?

Most sumo wrestlers are very strong. Their training follows a strict schedule and starts every day at 5 a.m. and lasts at least up to six hours. Training includes squats, splits, stomps, sparring etc. As sumo wrestlers are quite strong but that does not mean they pump iron or break any concrete. In 2018 Tochinoshin won the tournament by picking most of his opponents and walking them to the edge of the ring then dropping them outside.

How Much Do Sumo Wrestlers Eat?

On average a sumo wrestler can eat up to 7000 calories each day. Average diet of a sumo wrestler can be around 4000 calories per day. But they don’t eat all day. A Rikishi usually eats twice a day at noon and evening. He wakes up early and eats again but not like lunch.

What Is The Height Of Sumo Wrestler?

in 1994 Japanese Sumo Association states that all sumo wrestlers must be minimum of 5.7 feet or 173 cm in height. This is probably reducing the probability of injury. But a sumo wrestler can be at least 6 feet tall as this sport emphasizes a low gravity center. And having strong legs can help too. Height can also advantage for the lower back.

How Much Do Sumo Wrestlers Make?

In the US average salary range of a sumo wrestler is from $19910 to $187200 whereas the median salary is $44680.

On average a sumo wrestler can get paid around $9500 to $24500 or ¥1.1 to ¥3 million each month depending on their rank. Although top sumo wrestlers can win ¥10 million or $88,613.50 or more in a grand tournament.  

What Do Sumo Wrestlers Wear?

A sumo wrestler or rikishi wears loincloth mawashi (廻し) during the training and competition. Although upper-ranked sumo wrestlers wear keshō-mawashi as a part of the ring entry ceremony.

A Rikishi wears mawashi or diapers because it gives him the advantage over the opponent. Sometimes a rikishi splashes water on his diaper so that his opponent can’t grip him easily. He also may wear his diaper or mawashi loosely to make it hard to be thrown.

Why Do Sumo Wrestlers Throw Salt?

The sumo wrestlers or rikishi throws salt stomp to purify the playing ring before the tachiai or face-off. They also drink water that is special and helpful for strength. They also slap their bellies during the hurdle to intimidate their opponent. Slapping and tripping are the two things that are allowed in sumo and punching, gouging, kicking etc are not allowed.

How Do You Win A Sumo Wrestling Match?

The rule of sumo is very straightforward. If you want to win a sumo wrestler match you have to push your opponent out of the dohyō. Also if you are able to touch any part of your opponent’s body in the ground apart from soles then you can achieve a win. If you break strict rules like no choking and no eye-gouging then you will be disqualified.

Fun Facts:

>>Ryūichi Yamamoto is the heaviest Japanese sumo wrestler ever weighing around 584 pounds or 265 kg.

>>Sumo wrestlers are not allowed to drive any type of car. After a serious accident, the sumo association banned wrestlers to drive any cars.

>>Sumo wrestlers can’t wear their own chosen clothes. They have to wear traditional clothes.

>>A woman cannot be a sumo wrestler. They are even not allowed to enter the sumo ring.

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