Weight Of Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are one of the most popular & recognizable dog breeds in the world knowns as working dogs or mountain rescue dogs. They are powerfully built as well as very tall. Originated from the Alps, these strong working dogs have exceptional high tolerance ability in cold weather.  They are very friendly, calm, protective & … Read more

Weight Of Polar Bear

Polar bears are the world’s one of the largest fascinating & loveable carnivorous land mammals. Also, they are one of the largest bear species. They are mainly native to different land areas of the Arctic Ocean & Arctic Circle. Polar bears have long necks with small heads & ears which are rounded. Their body is … Read more

Weight Of Panther

A panther is a large wild cat often used to describe leopards, jaguars & specific members of the cougar family. All panthers usually have plain tawny to greyish or black shiny coats of fur throughout their long body and tail. However, panthers do not have spots rather they have black rosettes around their body which … Read more

Weight Of Pig

Pig is one of the favorite domesticated animals around the world. Usually, a pig’s body is bulky & legs are short. Also, they have thick skin which is covered with a coat of stiff hairs. Their snouts are flat & help them for rooting in the soils. They are also known as hogs or swine. … Read more

Weight Of Lion

Known as the “king of beasts”, lions are easily recognizable due to their unique mane and very loud roar. Also, they have compact strong muscular, deep-chested bodies with short and rounded heads with round ears. Their coats are yellow-gold although males have large manes with blond to reddish-brown to black color which covers their head … Read more

Weight Of Mastiff

Mastiff or English Mastiff is a large, massive, and powerful dog breed with moderately short fawn or apricot or brindle color coat. They have a heavy head that is square with a short muzzle and drooping jowls. Also their eyes and nose have a black mask around them. However, eyes are small and dark hazel … Read more

Weight Of Moose

Moose are the largest member of the deer family. Their appearance is striking because of their towering size with dark brown bodies and amazing flat palmate antlers with growth skin hanging from the neck. Also they have a muzzle that hangs downside loosely and hairy dewlap(aka bell). Their legs are long and greyish white or … Read more

Weight Of Killer Whale

Killer Whale or orca(Orcinus orca) or Blackfish is a large toothed whale that is easily recognized globally due to its large size and distinct black color on the top and white color undersides with white patches near their eyes. Behind the dorsal fin, they have gray or white saddle patches which vary between individuals. Adult … Read more

Weight Of Leopards

Leopards are large and strong cats (Panthera pardus) that have fawn or brown coats with black spots and camouflaged fur marked with smaller rosettes. Their legs are short compared to other wild cat and their physique are lighter and long with enormous heads and large jaws. Overall they have a similar appearance to jaguar (Panthera … Read more

Weight Of Horse

A horse is a large plant-eating mammal that has a short coat and long hair on the mane and tail and has slim legs with a solid hoof on each foot which helps them to run fast. For their odd toe, they are called “odd-toed animals”. Most horses are strong, intelligent, and social animals that … Read more