Weight Of Bale Of Hay

Hay can be anything like grass, herbaceous plants etc that are first cut down and then dry to store for use as different types of domesticated animals fodder, an alternative to pasture. Cattle, goats, horses, sheep, rabbits, pigs etc domesticated animals are fed hay when they are unable to access pasture or due to weather … Read more

Weight Of A Macadamia Nut

Macadamia nut trees are native to Australia, although they are also grown in other parts of the world. They are sought after for their health benefits and possess the flavor and texture to enhance various food dishes. So, What is the Weight of a Macadamia Nut, and why are the current markets raging about them? … Read more

Weight Of Mulch

Mulch can be any kind of materials that are laid over or spread on the soil surface as a covering. Usually, most mulches are organic in nature which can be both temporary or permanent. Usually used around the existing plants or on bare soil to retain the moisture of the soil. Mulch is also beneficial … Read more

Weight Of Tires

A tire is a round, ring-shaped rubber covering component or cushion that surrounds a wheel’s rim with an inflated(filled with compressed gas or air) inner tube. Mainly used to load from a vehicle’s axle via wheel to the ground and provide propper traction to the surface on which wheels travel. The design of a tire … Read more

Weight Of NFL Football

A football that is used in National Football League (NFL) is usually made from cowhide leather and rubber bladders. The rubber bladders are used for air retention and are filled with helium. Cowhides are surrounded by the rubber bladder making the ball durable and soft. Finally, four leather panels of one NFL football are sewn … Read more

Weight Of Golf Ball

A golf ball is a small hard white ball that is mainly made from solid rounded rubber. Whereas the outer part of the rubber of a golf ball is covered by compressed tough skin like thermoplastic resin known as surlyn or urethane, one kind of artificial crystalline element. However, depending on the manufacturer, the design … Read more

Weight Of Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are one of the most popular & recognizable dog breeds in the world knowns as working dogs or mountain rescue dogs. They are powerfully built as well as very tall. Originated from the Alps, these strong working dogs have exceptional high tolerance ability in cold weather.  They are very friendly, calm, protective & … Read more

Weight Of Polar Bear

Polar bears are the world’s one of the largest fascinating & loveable carnivorous land mammals. Also, they are one of the largest bear species. They are mainly native to different land areas of the Arctic Ocean & Arctic Circle. Polar bears have long necks with small heads & ears which are rounded. Their body is … Read more

Weight Of Panther

A panther is a large wild cat often used to describe leopards, jaguars & specific members of the cougar family. All panthers usually have plain tawny to greyish or black shiny coats of fur throughout their long body and tail. However, panthers do not have spots rather they have black rosettes around their body which … Read more

Weight Of Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are one kind of flattish & recreational boat that mainly relies on airtight hollow structures or tubes(welded together on both ends) known as “pontoons” or “floats” to remain floating. These tubes are very airtight and water-resistant which makes them unsinkable in the water. Usually, a pontoon boat uses two or more tubes for … Read more