Weight Of Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are one kind of flattish & recreational boat that mainly relies on airtight hollow structures or tubes(welded together on both ends) known as “pontoons” or “floats” to remain floating. These tubes are very airtight and water-resistant which makes them unsinkable in the water. Usually, a pontoon boat uses two or more tubes for … Read more

Weight Of Jet Ski

Jet Ski that is also known as the brand name of a personal watercraft (PWC), is a small size jet-propelled vehicle that is ridden like motorcycles and very easy to maneuver and skims across the water surface. This type of vehicle is mainly used for recreations like fishing and so more. There are two types … Read more

Weight Of Motorcycle

A motorcycle or motorbike is also known as a bike, cycle etc is a two or three-wheeled vehicle that runs by an internal engine. This type of vehicle is very popular and mainly used for various purposes which are long-distance travel, general commuting, cruising around, sport and off-road riding etc. The first-ever made internal combustion … Read more

Weight Of Golf Cart

A golf cart is a small motorized vehicle that is used to carry two golfers along with their golf clubs and golf bags around a golf course. It is also known as a golf buggy. Mainly used on desert trails. The first-ever used golf cart was homemade in 1932 and it was popular with people … Read more

Weight Of Ford F-150

Since 1981 Ford F-150 is one of the biggest-selling vehicles. It was first introduced in the US in 1948. Since then Ford has sold over 35 million of these pickups and continues to 1 per minute in 24 hours! How Much Does A Ford F-150 Weigh? On average, the Ford F-150 models weigh from 4069 … Read more

Weight Of Bicycle

Known as a bike or cycle, a bicycle is a vehicle that can run by pedal or motors and have a frame attached to two wheels behind one another. The first-ever bike was built by Karl von Drais a German baron in 1817 but that bike did not have pedals. This very first bike was … Read more

Weight Of School Bus

A school bus is a type of vehicle that is used regularly to transport students from home to school or other school-related activities. Mainly owned and operated by schools or school districts. It is not like a charter bus or transit bus. In the USA and Canada, most of the school buses are found in … Read more

Weight Of Airplane

An airplane or aeroplane is a flying vehicle with a powered engine and fixed wings that are used to transport or move people and cargo from one place to another around the world. Airplanes are come in different designs and sizes depending on the using purpose. They are arguably worlds one of the largest and … Read more

Weight Of Tank

A tank is a heavily armored fighting vehicle that carries guns and moves on a continuous articulated metal track, primarily used in front-line ground combat. Although a tank is an enormous machine and made up of four main components and they are a body which is also known as the “hull”, a turret where weapons … Read more

Weight Of Space Shuttle


A space shuttle is a space transportation system used by NASA to carry astronauts and cargos from earth to space. NASA has operated space shuttle from 1981 to 2011 as part of the space shuttle program. From 1981 to 2011 total of five complete space shuttle vehicles were built and used for a total of … Read more