Weight Of Cruise Ship

A cruise ship is a large passenger ship mainly used for vacationing. First passenger cruising service was introduced in 1844 by P&O Cruises, a British company based on Carnival House Southampton, England. In a year over 20 million people take a cruise on massive cruise ships to travel. Cruise ships are popular in the Caribbean, … Read more

Weight Of Smart Car

Smart car or Fortwo is a tiny and compact design vehicle first introduced in 1998 By German automative company Daimler-Benz, one of the world’s leading car and truck manufacturer company. This smart car looks small when compared to a commonly used three-door vehicle. Common complaint about them is that they are too small to be … Read more

Weight Of Trains

A train is a continuous series of connected bogies that run along with a railway track. Trains are mainly used for types purposes they include passengers transporting, cargo transporting and other bulk materials such as oil, gas, iron etc transporting. Depending on what purpose they are used for, their size varies in weight and size. … Read more

How Much Did The Titanic Weigh?

The Titanic aka “unsinkable” was one of the most luxurious vessels in the world. The name “Titanic” originated from the Greek Titans mythology. It was built in Belfast, Ireland by Belfast shipbuilders Harland and Wolf. Over $7 million was used to build the Titanic which is equivalent to over $184 million today. It took 26 … Read more

How Much Does A Boeing 747 Weigh?

Boeing 747 is a large, wide airplane first introduced by the Pan am on 22 January 1970. The first Boeing 747 had four landing gear and wheel bogies each and was able to fly at 900 km/h. This airplane was created to tackle congestion as increasing the number of planes was not the solution. That’s … Read more

How Much Does An Ambulance Weigh?

An ambulance is the most common vehicle that takes people to the nearest hospital when they get injured or sick. In the hospital, an ambulance is mainly used for medical purposes for transporting patients from one place to another. And most of the hospital provides ambulance for their patient’s care. Most ambulances come with sirens … Read more