How Much Does An Ambulance Weigh?

An ambulance is the most common vehicle that takes people to the nearest hospital when they get injured or sick. In the hospital, an ambulance is mainly used for medical purposes for transporting patients from one place to another. And most of the hospital provides ambulance for their patient’s care. Most ambulances come with sirens and warning lights for using emergency purposes.

Although most of the ambulances are designed based on pick-up trucks or vans and some of them are designed based on cars, trains, aircraft, trailers, buses, boats, helicopters and hospital ships. Ambulances have been used more than 500 years before. But what is the weight of an ambulance?

How Much Does An Ambulance Weigh

So, How Much Does An Ambulance Weigh?

The weight of an ambulance depends on its type and features. For example, a type I ambulance features a cab chassis separated from the body. Its weight is over 10000 pounds to less than 14000 pounds.

Type II ambulance features longer wheelbase and integrated cab and it weighs between 9201 to 10000 pounds.

And type III ambulance is the most common type of ambulance that is used in the US. It features a van chassis and integrated cab and weighs between 10000 to 14000 pounds.

The most advanced duty(AD) aka type III ambulance weighs over 14000 pounds.

How Much Does An Ambulance Cost?

Depending on manufacturers and specifications, in the USA on average heavy-duty truck chassis or van style type I and Type III ambulances can cost around $100000 to $150000. You can get Type II ambulances within $80000 to $100000.

Fun Facts:

>>The fastest ambulance in the world is shown in Dubai and it can run over 185mph.

>>The word ambulance came from the Latin word ambulare. It means to walk or to move.

>>Ambulance drivers are permitted to go to hospitals on diversion.

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