Weight Of Airplane

An airplane or aeroplane is a flying vehicle with a powered engine and fixed wings that are used to transport or move people and cargo from one place to another around the world. Airplanes are come in different designs and sizes depending on the using purpose. They are arguably worlds one of the largest and heaviest mobile objects today. The main uses of airplanes are recreation, transportation of people and goods, military use and research.

Most airplanes are run by a pilot and some are designed to run remotely such as computer-controlled drones. Each year more than four billion passengers and more than 200 billion tonne-kilometers cargo are transported by airplanes. The first airplane was invented and flown by the Wright brothers in 1903.

So How Much Does An Airplane Weigh?

How Much Does An Airplane Weigh

An airplane’s weight can vary depending on its type and size. Airplanes can weigh between 2000 pounds or 907 kg or 1 ton for a small Cessna to over 1 million pounds or 453592 kg or 500 tons for an Airbus A380 during the takeoff. Some of them are so heavy that well-designed runways need to handle their massive weight.

So on average an average size plane like Boeing 737-800 can weigh of maximum about 80000 kg or 175000 pounds during the takeoff. This includes the following: plane weight 41000 kg or 90000 pounds, fuel weight 18000 kg or 40000 pounds. And the weight of passengers, cargo and crew are 20000 kg or 45000 pounds.


How Much Does A Private Jet Weigh?

On average a private jet can weigh between 21000 pounds to 41000 pounds or 10.5 tons to 20.5 tons maximum during the take-off.

How Much Does A Small Plane Weigh?

As per 14 CFR part 1 a small airplane or aircraft will be weighing 12000 pounds or less during the maximum takeoff. So any airplane including the transport category can be a small plane with a maximum of 12000 pounds take off.

Maximum Takeoff Weights Of Different Planes:

AircraftEmpty WeightMax Fuel WeightMax Cargo WeightMax Gross Take-Off Weight
Antanov AN-225628,000 lbs
285,000 kg
661,400 lbs
300,000 kg
417,000 lbs
190,000 kg
1,411,000 lbs
640,000 kg
Airbus A380-800611,000 lbs
277,000 kg
560,000 lbs
254,000 kg
185,000 lbs
84,000 kg
1,268,000 lbs
575,000 kg
Boeing 747-800485,300 lbs
220,100 kg
427,400 lbs
194,000 kg
295,000 lbs
134,000 kg
987,000 lbs
447,700 kg
Airbus A340-500370,000 lbs
168,000 kg
386,300 lbs
175,000 kg
119,000 lbs
54,000 kg
820,000 lbs
372,000 kg
Boeing 777-300ER370,000 lbs 168,000 kg320,800 lbs 145,500 kg148,000 lbs
67,100 kg
776,000 lbs
352,000 kg
Boeing 787-10299,000 lbs 135,500 kg223,500 lbs
101,500 kg
126,300 lbs 57,300 kg560,000 lbs
254,000 kg
Boeing 737-90098,500 lbs
44,700 kg
53,100 lbs
24,000 kg
44,600 lbs
20,200 kg
187,000 lbs
85,000 kg
Airbus A320-10093,900 lbs
42,600 kg
48,700 lbs
22,100 kg
44,000 lbs
20,000 kg
150,000 lbs
68,000 kg
Embraer 19063,500 lbs
28,800 kg
28,600 lbs
13,000 kg
28,800 lbs
13,100 kg
106,000 lbs
48,000 kg
Gulfstream G65054,000 lbs 24,500 kg48,200 lbs 21,900 kg6,500 lbs
3,000 kg
100,000 lbs
45,200 kg

Table Credit: pilot teacher and Wikipedia.

How Much Does An Airplane Wing Weigh?

Depending on various sizes and materials an airplane wing can weigh different amounts. Even same-type wings can weigh different based on their size and making style. An example of a wing weight is the Boeing 747 wing which weighs around 43000 kg or 950000 pounds.

What Is The Most Expensive Part Of An Airplane?

The engine is the most expensive part of an airplane. It can cost many millions of dollars. The popular 747-400 has three engines which cost 11 million to 12.2 million.

What Is The Heaviest Aircraft?

Antonov An-225 powered by six engines currently holding the titles of both heaviest and largest wingspan airplane in the world. It was originally built at 661 tons or 1.457e+6 pounds and the maximum takeoff weight is 1,411,000 pounds or 640,000 kg. Its first flight was on 21 December 1988. Mainly deliveries heavy and outsize shipments around the world. It will remain in service until 2033 as per schedule.

Is the Antonov 225 bigger than A380?

A 380 is the largest passenger aircraft and Antonov 225 is the largest and heaviest cargo carrier.

Antonov 225 has six engines and 32 wheels. It is bigger than the A380. A380 has 22 wheels and 4 engines.

Antonov AN-225 can fly around 4500 km/hr when fully loaded and when empty it can fly around 15400 km/hr. On the other hand, Airbus A380 can fly around 14800 km/hr when fully loaded with passengers and It can fly around 17000 km/hr when empty.

How Much Did The Antonov 225 Cost?

Antonov 225 can transport items around the world that are impossible to deliver by air. It has been used extensively for many times. One sample cost of products delivered from Denmark to Kazakhstan was around €266,000. The Mriya costs almost $250 million.

How Much Does The Antonov & Airbus A380 Cost To Hire?

The An-225 hire cost can be around $30000 per hour and Airbus A380 hire cost can be around $37150 per hour.

How Much Does An Airplane Engine Cost?

There are many types of airplane engines and most of them come with a package deal. So the price can vary. But on average you can buy an airplane engine anywhere near $12 million to $35 million.

What Is The Hardest Part Of Flying A Plane?

Takeoff and landing are the two hardest and dangerous parts of and flying plane.

How Much Weight Can A Plane Wing Hold?

Aircraft like Boeing 747 can hold as much as 388500 kg whereas each passenger weight is an average 100 kg and it can hold 3885 people on the wing at once!

Fun Facts:

>>Black boxes or flight data recorder is not actually a black box, actually painted by bright orange!

>>Bathroom is not the darkest place on the plane! Tray tables are!

>>The heaviest airplane currently exist is the Antonov An-225 with a maximum takeoff weighing 1410958 pounds or 640,000 kg.

>>According to the FAA there are 5000 planes over US air at any time!

>> Back seats are the safest seats on an airplane.

>>You can’t open airplane doors in mid-flight.