Weight Of Trains

A train is a continuous series of connected bogies that run along with a railway track. Trains are mainly used for types purposes they include passengers transporting, cargo transporting and other bulk materials such as oil, gas, iron etc transporting. Depending on what purpose they are used for, their size varies in weight and size.

Normally trains that are designed to carry cars or other heavy things more weigh than trains that carry trains that are designed for transporting people or fewer load things.

How Much Do These Massive Trains Weigh?

A train’s weight depends on many factors which include no of carriages attached, no of axles of the locomotive etc. Axle weighs around 35 tons or 31751 kg. On the other side, a locomotive can weigh from 100 tons to 225 tons that are typically used on freight trains.

Usually trains weigh from 40 tons to 500 tons which are 36287 kg to 453592 kg.

Most of the freight trains that are usually heavy weigh between 100 to 250 tons which are 90718 to 226796 kg.

How Much Do These Massive Trains Weigh

How Much Does An Amtrak Train Weigh?

The average weight of an Amtrack locomotive is about 134 tons or 121563 kg. Whereas passenger car weight is about 65 tons or 58967 kg.

An Amtrak train with one locomotive and six cars can weigh about 524 tons or 475365 kg.

Below look at the weight of different types Amtrak trains models ranging from lightest to heaviest.

-Horizon – 57 tons

-Amfleet -58 tons

-Amfleet II – 57 tons

-Viewliner – 65 tons

-Superliner I – 80 tons

-Syperliner II – 85 tons

-P42DC locomotives – 134 tons (121,562 kg)

How Much Does An Amtrak Train Weigh

How Much Do Train Wheels Weigh?

Normally train wheels come in pairs and are joined with each other by an axle or wheelsets which ensures their rotate at the same time together when the train moves on the tracks.

Normally an individual train wheel and axle weigh around 800 to 900 pounds or 362 to 408 kg when not attached to an axle. On the other hand a wheelset weighs over 2000 pounds or 907 kg.

Fun Facts:

>>The Trans- Siberian railway is the world’s longest railway connected to Moscow which is 9259 km or 5753 miles.

>>Amtrak’s Texas Eagle is the longest train in the USA.

>>World’s longest and heaviest train was operated in 2001 in western Australia weighed about 99734 tons and 4.57 miles or 7.35 km in length.

>>Japan’s L0 Series Maglev train is the fastest train in the world till now. Its highest speed record is 374 mph or 602 km/h which can reach from New York to Montreal Canada in less than an hour.