Weight Of Shingles

Roof shingles or simply singles are mainly used for roof covering & siding on different buildings. These shingles are consists of flat & rectangular elements. Usually attached with each other in overlapping courses & held by roof rafters. Most roof shingles are generally made from slate, flagstone, metal, wood, plastic materials, heavy fiberglass, mat base, … Read more

Weight Of Forklift

A Forklift that is also known as a lift truck or fork truck is a small powered industrial truck that has an attached fork platform at the front & operated by power. Forklifts usually use an electric battery or combustion engine. The fork is used for lifting, moving, carrying, pushing & pulling materials over short … Read more

Weight Of Softball

Softball is a similar sport to baseball that is played with a larger ball. The softball game was first evolved in the USA in the late 19th century as a form of indoor baseball. Although at the early stages, softball was smaller and softer than the ball we see now. Over time the ball became … Read more

Weight OF Tennis Ball

Tennis balls are used to play tennis sport. Modern-day tennis balls are made of two pieces of hollow rubber shells that are filled with pressurized gas. Rubber shells are covered with high-quality cloth or nylon or wool. Usually, tennis balls that are used for major tournaments will be yellow-colored. However, tennis balls of regulation play … Read more

Weight Of Soccer Ball

A soccer ball or simply known as football is a ball that is used in association football games. All standard soccer balls are made from synthetic leather which is usually backed with cloth & polyester or poly-cotton blend & stitched around the inflated rubber. For air retention most modern soccer balls use valves. All soccer … Read more

Weight Of Basketball

Basketball is a popular game played between two teams of five players each. In a basketball game players throw the ball through a netted hoop and score goals. There is two netted hoop fixed at each end of the court. It is no surprise that basketball is America’s one of most popular games. Almost all … Read more

Weight Of Pig

Pig is one of the favorite domesticated animals around the world. Usually, a pig’s body is bulky & legs are short. Also, they have thick skin which is covered with a coat of stiff hairs. Their snouts are flat & help them for rooting in the soils. They are also known as hogs or swine. … Read more

Weight Of Lion

Known as the “king of beasts”, lions are easily recognizable due to their unique mane and very loud roar. Also, they have compact strong muscular, deep-chested bodies with short and rounded heads with round ears. Their coats are yellow-gold although males have large manes with blond to reddish-brown to black color which covers their head … Read more

Weight Of Baseball

Baseball is a bat and ball game played on the field by two opposing teams with nine players each. All baseballs are made of cork and rubber or similar type materials. Around these things yard is wrapped tightly. The cover consists of two pieces of white leather that are snugly fitted and sewn together. The … Read more

Weight Of Kayak

A kayak is small, compact, narrow low to the water boat like a canoe or watercraft made from lightweight materials and has a small opening in the top for seating a passenger. Mainly used for recreation and sports. In a kayak, the paddler sits facing forward by putting the legs in front and uses a … Read more