Weight Of Jockey

A jockey is a person who rides horses in different horse racings mainly as a profession. The word “jockey” was first used in England and used to describe those who rode horses in the racings. Most of the horse jockeys are self-employed and get small free from horse trainers and a certain percentage from horses winnings. Most of the time a jockey is a male but there are some well-known female jockeys too. This is a very high-risk job that can threaten someone’s life. America has a long history of horse racing and the first horse racetrack was way back in the 1600s. But gain popularity in the 1890s.

So, How Much Does A Jockey Weigh?

The weight of a jockey ranges between 108 pounds to 118 pounds or 49 kg to 54 kg. Which is not a lot of weight! Although there is no exact height limit for jockers, most of the jockers are smaller in size due to their weight limit. On average a jockey will be 4 feet 9 inches to 5 feet 6 inches tall and must be able to control a 1190.5 pounds or 540 kg horse that run around 40 mph or 64 km/h.

Although most of the time every race and track set a jockey weight limit between 112 to 126 pounds or 51 to 57 kg which includes jockeys clothes and riding equipment that can be 7 to 9 pounds or 3 to 4 kg weight.

How Much Does A Jockey Weigh

How Much Do The Kentucky Derby Jockeys Weigh?

Kentucky Derby is world-famous horse racings super bowl event that attracts lots of people around the world. A Kentucky Derby jockey is allowed 126 pounds or 57.15 kg weight including his or her equipment.

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How Much Weight Do Jockeys Lose After A Race?

After a race, most of the jockeys lose 3 to 7 pounds weight in a day. Some jockeys can lose up to 10 pounds each day.

How Much Do Jockeys Eat?

A jockey is usually careful about his or her diet in order to maintain his or her weight. A jockey should try to eat three times each day. They can eat bread, cereals, fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy etc. The PJAs website recommends 1500 calories for a day. Which can be a maximum of 2500 for men and 2000 for women in accordance with NHS.

What Do Jockeys Wear?

Common dress for a jockey is silk jackets. A jockey wears different colors silk jacket for each race. They wear and like silk jacket because it is very lightweight. Most of the jockeys wear silk jacket because it has meaning to owners such as family crest or the owner like the design and distinguishes one from another during the race. A standard silk jacket cost can be around $200 or more. The price depends on pattern design and what materials the manufacturer use.

However a modern-day jockey also wears jackets that are made of nylon, lycra, and a combination of both which is lightweight too. These materials are used to design the jacket fit for the body and provide an aerodynamic advantage.

How Much Does A Jockey Earn A Year?

In the USA on average a horse jockey earns around $50000 a year or more. Which depends on the race levels they are competing in and how many races they completed etc. A jockey can earn from just $28 to over $180000 or more per race.

How Much Does A Jockey Make For Winning The Kentucky Derby?

In a Kentucky Derby, a winning jockey will take 10% of the horse purse. Which can be a huge amount. Average years earning can be around $30000 to $40000 or more.

Fun Facts:

>>You must be over 18 years to get a jockey license!

>>There is no height restriction for a jockey but there is a weight restriction.

>>A horse jockey can not place a bet with others.

>>Maximum time a jockey retires after the age of 40!

>>Giovanni Porte is known as the lightest horse jockey weighs just 88 pounds or 40 kg.

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