Weight Of Horseshoe

A horseshoe is a metallic piece or shoe for a horse that is made from a narrow band of iron in circular arc form and securely attached to the horse hoof with nails.

A variety of materials like steel and aluminum are available to make different types of horseshoes but there are other materials like rubber, plastic, magnesium, copper, titanium etc also used.

It is mainly used for protecting the horse’s hooves and feet. Also, horseshoes protect hooves from wearing down quickly. Horseshoes add durability and strength to the hoof. It is believed that the first-ever horseshoes were used around 400 BC.

In recent times making of horseshoes is not as widespread as it was before and making materials also changed. But there are still many experts who known as farriers make those shoes and ensure these shoes fit properly.

Over the centuries horseshoes have been used as a very popular game and still, it is in use. A farrier, who is specialized in horse hoof care, makes the horseshoes.


So, How Much Does A Horseshoe Weigh?

There are no standard weight limits for horseshoes. Materials type, size, the weight of horses etc contribute to the weight of horseshoes.

Horseshoes size depends on many things based on formal and informal league games. In accordance with NHPA (National Horseshoe Pitching Association), a horseshoe weight can be a maximum of around 2 pounds 10 ounces or 1.19 kg. As there is no minimum weight for the horseshoes, you can find any lighter horseshoes around as low as 2 pounds to 2.5 pounds or 0.90 kg to 1.13 kg.

A horseshoe can not exceed 7 1/4 inches in width and 7 5/8 inches in length.

How Much Does A Horseshoe Cost?

Horseshoe price depends on different aspects. Depending on your horse riding skills, location and relationship with the farrier you can get four horseshoes for $80-$200.

Sample Of Different Horseshoes Price in Different Locations In the US

+Maryland near Baltimore: $120 for front shoes and $180 for new shoes.

+Southeast VA:$90 for front shoes and $120 for four new shoes.

+Northern Utah: $135 for four new shoes.

+West Texas: $80 for four new shoes.

+Northeastern PA:$80 for front shoes and $150 for four new shoes.

Why Horse Shoes Price Is High?

The horseshoes price mentioned above seems pretty high as four horseshoes cost is only $10 to $20.

Farriers use different types of basic tools like hoof pick, nippers, hoof knife, rasp, shoe puller, stand etc and maintaining those tools is costly as they get deteriorates with use. That’s why they charge a bit high. Also, they need to earn a decent amount to live nicely.

Do Horseshoes Hurt The Horse?

As horseshoes are directly nailed to the hooves and you may have seen a lot of processes of applying and removing them, you may think that horseshoes are painful to horses.

But it is not true. Horseshoes are painful to horses and so does applying and removing. As horse hooves have no nerves ending so if you do the process properly it won’t hurt the horse at all. It seems like the feeling when we cut our own nails.

But if the horse’s hoof is trimmed too short then the horse can feel the pain. Also if the nail is placed wrong then it can hurt the horse too. That’s why you should always use a professional farrier to trim and shoe your horses.

Why Do Horses Need Horseshoes?

Horses need to wear shoes for similar reasons we humans wear shoes; to protect their feet from damage when they walk on a rough and hard rocky terrain. Also, horseshoes add extra durability and provide strength to the hoof and ensure it does not wear out so fast.

All horses do not need shoes. Depending on age, how many times they are ridden, types of terrain etc your horse may just need regular trimming only. Your farriers can tell you better about this thing.

How Long Will New Horseshoes Last?

As the hoof grows and nails loosen, the effectiveness of horseshoes can be lost over time and must be removed. Then trim the foot and attach new shoes. Usually, horseshoes are replaced with a new one after every six to eight weeks. You should regularly check the hooves for this.

Fun Facts:

>>Henry Burden received the first patent for a horseshoe manufacturing machine in 1835.

>>As no of farriers were increasing and horseshoes became popular, the importance of union was increasing too. And for this in 1874 the Journeymen Horseshoers National Union was founded.

>>A horseshoe has seven nail holes and it is a lucky number and considered very important.

>>It is believed that if you dream of finding a horseshoe then good luck is coming to you!

>>It is also believed if you want to avoid nightmares then you should hang a horseshoe in your bedroom!

>>Some people believe that hanging the horseshoe-like a “U” holds good luck!

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