Weight Of Basketball

Basketball is a popular game played between two teams of five players each. In a basketball game players throw the ball through a netted hoop and score goals. There is two netted hoop fixed at each end of the court.

It is no surprise that basketball is America’s one of most popular games. Almost all basketballs are made of an inflatable inner rubber bladder that is wrapped in multiple fiber layers which are covered with leather or rubber or synthetic surface.

Also, there is a small opening in the ball for allowing the pressure to be increased and decreased.

So How Much Does A Basketball Weigh?

The weight of a basketball depends on many factors which include the country where you are gonna playing in, specific league etc.

However, a standard NBA(National Basketball Association) basketball weighs 22 ounces(oz) or 1.4 pounds(lbs) or 624 grams with 29.5 inches or 75 cm in circumference. Also, this type of basketball is known as size 7. 

A standard basketball for women’s equivalent WNBA(Women’s National Basketball Association) weigh around 18 ounces(oz) or 1.1 pounds(lbs) or 510 grams. This WNBA type of basketball is known as size 6 & is 28.5 inches or 72.4 cm in circumference. A mini basketball can weigh around 10 ounces & known as size 3. 

A youth basketball can weigh around 20 ounces(oz) or 1.25 pounds with 27.5 inches or 70 cm in circumference. This type of basketball is known as size 5.

Basketball Sizes Table

Size    Circumference  Weight  Recommended ForKnown As
Size 729.5 inches22 ozMen and boys ages 15 and above.official size for the NBA and NCAA.
Size 628.5 inches20 ozBoys ages 12-14. Girls and women ages 12 and up.official size for WNBA and women NCAA.
Size 527.5 inches17 ozBoys and girls ages 9-11 years old.youth basketball players.
Size 425.5 inches14 ozBoys and girls ages 5-8 years old. 
Size 322 inches10 ozBoys and girls ages 4-8 years old.mini basketball
Size 116 inches8 ozBoys and girls ages 2-4 year olds.micro-mini basketball
Nerf Toy9-20 inches1-5 ozBoys and girls ages 0-4 years old. 
Table data credit: ballergears

How Long Do Outdoor Basketballs Last?

An outdoor basketball lifespan depends on the materials quality & how much time you play the ball and how you take care. An outdoor basketball made from rubber with daily 1 to 3 hours of playing can last for 3 months to 6 months before the grip was gone.


How Much Does A Basketball Cost?

A good quality basketball will cost around $29.99 to $69.99. Examples of affordable basketballs are Spalding NBA Zi/O, Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball, Spalding TF-500 Indoor-Outdoor Basketball, & the Wilson Evolution Game Basketball.

Although the official NBA basketball is the Spalding NBA Official Game Ball. The ball is expensive and you will feel best. If you want the same type of basketball that is played by NBA players then you will have to cost around $150 to $200.

Fun Facts:

>>James Naismith from Springfield, Massachusetts invented the basketball in 1891.

>>It may sound strange to you, but believe it or not basketball was played with the soccer ball and peach basket at early stages.

>>IN the early day’s basketball was a rough sport as there were different rules for the balls from now.

>>Before 1897, dribbling was not allowed in any basketball games.

>>First basketball’s color was brown. As it was difficult to see for both players and fans, in early 1957 Coach Tony Hinkle developed orange color basketball for increasing visibility.