Weight Of NFL Football

A football that is used in National Football League (NFL) is usually made from cowhide leather and rubber bladders. The rubber bladders are used for air retention and are filled with helium. Cowhides are surrounded by the rubber bladder making the ball durable and soft.

Finally, four leather panels of one NFL football are sewn together by more than 250 stitches. Also, there is one white leather lace threaded by hand through sixteen lace holes to cover the top two panels of each other.

How Much Does An NFL Football Weigh?

A properly infiltrated NFL football should weigh around 14 ounces to 15 ounces or 396 grams to 425 grams. Also, the length size of the football should be 11 to 11 1/4 inches for long circumference(tip to tip) and 

28 to 28 1/2 inches for short circumference(center of the ball).

NFL Football

How Much Does A NFL Football Cost?

You can buy an NFL football from $50 to $100 price tag to way up to $250. The overall price range can be varied because of the manufacturers.

How Much Does A NFL Football Helmet Weigh?

On average an NFL football helmet weighs around 4.25 to 4.75


How Much Does A NFL Football Helmet Cost?

You can buy an NFL helmet from below $100 to up to $500. However, in some cases, the cost can be around $1000.

How Fast Does A NFL Football Travel?

How fast an NFL football can travel depends on the ball’s quality and the capacity of the thrower. On average, an NFL football can travel around 60 mph or 97 kph.

Fun Facts

>>To supply enough leather for one year of NFL footballs it takes three thousand cows each year.

>>First ever NFL game that was broadcasted on television was in 1939 and around 500 TV sets were used to broadcast the game in NY.

>>Untill 1943, helmets were not mandatory in the NFL football game.

>>Super bowl, the annual playoff championship game of the National Football League is watched by more than 100 million people per year.

>>All the footballs that are used in today’s NFL game, were manufactured by Wilson.

>>Philadelphia Eagles is the only NFL team whose whole logo faces on the left side.

>>Per game NFL cheerleaders make $70 to $90.

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