Weight Of Kayak

A kayak is small, compact, narrow low to the water boat like a canoe or watercraft made from lightweight materials and has a small opening in the top for seating a passenger. Mainly used for recreation and sports.

In a kayak, the paddler sits facing forward by putting the legs in front and uses a double-bladed paddle by pulling on the water on alternate sides(front to back and one side and another). 

There are many types of kayaks available out there and they are solo kayaks(aka one-person kayak), tandem kayak (two-person kayak), family kayak(accommodate more than two people) & kids kayak(used by kids) etc. 

Among these sit-on-top kayaks, Canadian canoes, touring kayaks, sea kayaks, white water kayaks, inflatable kayaks are the most popular types that are used today.

Over the years kayaks have been used for several purposes which include sport, hunt, travel, tourism, military operations etc. It is believed that kayaks have been used since 4000 BC. The word kayak came from the Greenlandic word “qajaq”.

Early kayaks were made of natural materials like wood, whale bones, waterproof skins of different animals.

Since 1936 kayaking has been included in the Summer Olympic Games. Two types of kayaking competitors slalom and sprint events are taking place. Usually, a kayak travels 3 to 5 mph and some competing kayaks travel faster speeds.

How Much Does A Kayak Weigh?

Kayaks weight varies depending on shapes, size, using purpose etc. Generally longer and larger kayaks are heavier. These kayaks are usually made from polyethylene and composite materials. Inflatable and foldable kayaks due to their lightweight materials have the lightest weights.

You can get the most popular types of kayaks within 20 pounds to 80 pounds or 9 kg to 36 kg weight range. However, some kayaks weigh over 80 pounds and can reach 100 pounds or 45 kg mark.

Example Of Different Types Of Kayaks By Models

Kayak ModelKayak TypeWeight
Intex Challenger K1Inflatable24 lbs (11 kg)
Oru Beach LtFolding26 lbs (12 kg)
Oru Bay STFolding28 lbs (13 kg)
Intex Explorer K2Inflatable31 lbs (14 kg)
Intex Challenger K2Inflatable27.5 lbs (12.4 kg)
Oru Coast XTFolding32 lbs (14.5 kg)
Intex Excursion Pro K2Inflatable39.01 lbs (17.69 kg)
Sun Dolphin ExcursionSit-In Polyethylene44 lbs (20 kg)
Sun Dolphin JourneySit on Top Polyethylene44 lbs (20 kg)
Perception Hi Life 11Sit on Top Polyethylene55 lbs (25 kg)
Pelican Challenger 130TTandem70 lbs (32 kg)
Old Town Predator MXPolyethylene82 lbs (37 kg)
Old Town Predator PDLComposite124 lbs (56 kg)

Example Of Six Types Of Kayaks Weight Capacity

Kayak TypesAverage Weight Of KayaksWeight Capacity TotalWho It Matters?
Fishing Kayak35-120 pounds400-550 poundsFor those who want to catch fish like a pro 
Recreational Kayak60-240 pounds200-450 poundsFor those who love occasional leisure time on calm rivers or lakes.
Inflatable Kayak20-50 pounds400-750 poundsPerfect for those who have huge accessories and have no kayak trolly or cart.
General Kayaks (all types – single kayak and combined)30-50 pounds250-300 poundsFor any type of purpose. Anything heavier in this range will be difficult to manage.
Tandem Kayak50-75 pounds500-600 poundsPerfect for those who want to kayak with partners.
Sea Kayak or Touring Kayak20-80 poundsUp to 350 pounds or moreIf you want to move your kayak faster in waves.

Here Are A Few Examples Of How Much A Single Kayak Weighs:

Here Are A Few Examples Of How Much A Single Kayak Weighs:

  • Perception Kayaks Prodigy XS –26 pounds (12kg)
  • Field & Stream Kayaks Blade 80 –  35 pounds (16kg)
  • Pelican Kayaks Trailblazer 100 NXT – 36 pounds (16kg) 
  • Perception Kayaks Tribute 10.0 – 36 pounds (16kg) 
  • Pelican Kayaks Mustang 100X – 39 pounds (17kg) 
  • Pelican Kayaks Bandit NXT 100 –40 pounds (18kg)
  • Perception Kayaks Swifty 9.5 – 44 pounds (20kg)
  • Field & Stream Kayaks Blade 9.7 – 45 pounds (20kg)

Kayak Woman

Examples Of How Much A Tandem Kayak Weighs:

  • 57 pounds (26kg) – Ocean Kayaks Malibu Two Tandem
  • 67 pounds (30kg) – Perception Kayaks Tribe Tandem – 13.5
  • 70 pounds (32kg) – Sun Dolphin Kayaks Bali 13.5 SS Tandem
  • 72 pounds (32kg) – Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T Tandem Ocean
  • 73 pounds (33kg) – Pelican Kayaks Sentinel 130X Tandem
  • 78 pounds (35kg) – Perception Kayaks Rambler Tandem – 13.5 
  • 84 pounds (38kg) – Lifetime Kayaks Emotion Spitfire 12T Tandem 

Few Examples Of How Much Fishing Kayaks Weigh:

  • 45 pounds (20kg) – Perception Kayaks Sound 10.5 Fishing
  • 47 pounds (21kg) – Ocean Kayaks Caper Angler 
  • 55 pounds (25kg) – Pelican Kayaks Strike 120X Angler
  • 60 pounds (27kg) – Field & Stream Kayaks 12′ Eagle Run
  • 70 pounds (32kg) – Ocean Kayaks Trident 13 Angler
  • 85 pounds (38kg) – Jackson Kayaks Cuda HD Fishing
  • 103 pounds (46kg) – Hobie Kayaks Mirage Compass Fishing
  • 129 pounds (58kg) – Hobie Kayaks Mirage Pro Angler 12

Few Examples Of How Much Inflatable Kayaks Weigh:

  • 18 pounds (8.0kg) – Goplus Inflatable Kayak’s
  • 26 pounds (12.0kg) – Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak’s
  • 26 pounds (12.0kg) – Advanced Elements SPORT Inflatable Kayak’s
  • 27 pounds (12.5kg) – Driftsun Voyager 2-Person Inflatable Kayak’s
  • 28 pounds (12.5kg) – Driftsun Rover 220 Inflatable Kayak’s
  • 31 pounds (14.0kg) – Intex Explorer K2 Tandem Inflatable
  • 39 pounds (17.5kg) – Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Fishing Kayak’s
  • 52 pounds (23.5kg) – Advanced Elements Convertible Tandem Inflatable Kayak’s

How Much Does A Kayak Cost?

Kayak’s price depends on their type. Below we have listed different types of kayaks with their average price list.

Type of KayakAverage Price
Inflatable Kayak$70
Beginner Kayak$250
Fishing Kayak$300
White Water Kayak$1,095
Touring Kayak$1,925

How Much Does A Kayak Trailer Weigh?

Kayak trailers are used for hauling them. On average a kayak trailer weighs 200 pounds. The average weight of empty kayak trailers is 100 to 400 pounds when unloaded.

However, some kayak trailers can weigh anywhere from 200 pounds to 800 pounds depending on how many kayaks they can carry.

How Much Does A Kayak Trailer Cost?

A kayak trailer cost can vary for many reasons. You can get less expensive kayak trailers within one thousand dollars and some deluxe models can cost several thousands of bucks.

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How Construction Affects Kayak Weight?

Due to making materials and other many variables, the weight of a kayak varies. Below we have described briefly what things impact a kayak’s weight.

Kayak Hulls: Kayak hulls provide impact on overall kayaks weight. Kayak hulls made from polythene materials are generally affordable and durable and composite materials like carbon fiber and kevlar make ultra-light kayak hulls but they are expensive too. PVC materials are lighter than polyethylene and heavier than composite materials.

They are mainly used for making lightweight kayaks like inflatable kayaks. Kayak hulls made from rotomolded materials (melted plastic pellets) are the heaviest kayaks to carry and paddle.

And kayaks hulls made from thermoforming (bottom and top parts) can be categorized as medium weigh kayaks. They are inexpensive and versatile.

Fun Facts:

>>History of kayaks is over 4000 years old!

>>Kayaks were first invented by the native Arctic North Americans(Greenland, Canada, Alaska) for hunting purposes who are often referred to as “Eskimos”.

>>The initial primitive kayaks were made from different animal skins and bones!

>>If a kayak is shorter then the speed will be slower and if a kayak is longer then the speed will be faster.

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