Weight Of Discus

A discus is a heavy thick centered object or disc which is circular in size thrown by athletes as far as they can compare to their competitors as a sport. Also known as disc throw. It is an ancient sport that the Greeks took part in back in 708 BC. Still, it is a popular game in the modern-day.

Men’s discus throw was first introduced in Olympics in Athens 1896 and women’s discus was first introduced in Amsterdam Olympic in 1928. It is a part of the modern decathlon. The first discus was made of stone. Different types of metals such as bronze, lead, and iron is currently used to make discus with plastic around all sides. Also materials like wood, plastic, fiberglass are used sometimes.

So How Much Does A Discus Weigh?

Weight of a discus depends on many things like age, gender, size of the competitor who will throw it. In the USA youth boy’s discus weight is limited to 1kg or 2.2 pounds and high school boys is 1.6 kg or 3.5 pounds. For girl’s its weight can be 2.2 pounds or 1 kilogram.

How Much Does A Discus Weigh

How Much Does An Olympic Discus Weigh?

Olympic discus weight for men is fixed at 2 kg or 4.4 pounds and for adult women, it is fixed at 1 kg or 2.2 pounds.

What Is The Discus World Record?

Men’s discus world record belongs to Jürgen Schult from East Germany in 1986. He threw the discus 74.08 meters or 243 feet 1⁄2 inches.

Female discus world record belongs to Gabriele Reinsch from East Germany who broke the world record in 1988. She threw the discus 76.80 meters or 251 feet 11 inches.

How Much Does A Discus Size?

Discus used in modern-day men’s competitions is circular and about 219 mm or 8.6 inches in diameter. At its center, it is 44 mm or 1.75 inches thick.

How Fast Does A Discus Go?

Speed depends on body rotation and headwind. If the discus is released from an ideal angle with a 38.4-degree flight path it can go as fast as 55 m.p.h.

A Man Discus Thrower In Olympic

How Far Can An Average Person Throw A Discus?

The entry point of high-level discus throwing is 120 feet and if want to get into the next level with your throws these are the essential number to hit.

How Far Do Olympians Throw The Discus?

The men’s Olympic record belongs to Virgilijus Alekna who threw 69.89 meters or 229 feet 31⁄2 inches in the 2004 Olympics.

And women’s record belongs to Martina Hellmann in the 1988 Olympics which was 72.30 meters or 237 feet of 21⁄4 inches.

What Are Discus throw rules?

An athlete only can throw a discus when he or she will stand inside a circle with 2.5 diameters. At that time he or she can’t touch the top of the rim. However, the thrower can touch the inner part of the rim.

What Are The Best Throwing Discus Brands?

Nelco, Denfliy, VS are the popular throwing discus brand. They produce products that provide superior performance and offer excellent customer service. Also you can buy throwing discus from other brands like Cantabrian, Gill, OTE and Nishi.

Fun Facts:

>>Discus was almost a forgotten sport until in 1880, Christian Georg Kohlrausch a German teacher rediscovered the discus. He discovered what a discus was and how this lens-shaped object was thrown by the ancient competitors.

>>Discus thrower is not allowed to leave the circle until the discus lands.