Weight Of Softball

Softball is a similar sport to baseball that is played with a larger ball. The softball game was first evolved in the USA in the late 19th century as a form of indoor baseball. Although at the early stages, softball was smaller and softer than the ball we see now.

Over time the ball became harder and harder even it is harder than baseball but the name remains the same as it was at the beginning. Although in 1926 it got its official name softball. It is one of the most popular summer sports in the United States and around the world.

There are three components used to make a softball which are center, cover, seam or stitches. Synthetic materials or natural leather are used as cover & are glued or cemented to the center of the ball & dyed yellow to make the ball visible clear.

Linen or cotton Red thread is used to stitch the leather around the ball. The center of the ball is usually made from polyurethane. However, sometimes the balls have a cork center.

Softball was first played as an indoor baseball game in Chicago in 1887. Since then it is known by many other names like kitten ball, diamond ball, mush ball, indoor-outdoor ball, playground ball etc.


So How Much Does A Softball Weigh?

Usually, regulation softballs are larger than regulation baseballs. On average, an official 12-inch softball weighs around 6.25 ounces to 7 ounces or 117 grams to 198 grams & 11.88 inches to 12.13 inches in circumference.

However, there are 16 inches size softballs available which are usually played without gloves in Chicago & New York metropolitan areas. A 16-inch softball can weigh 9 ounces to 10 ounces or 255 grams to 283 grams. 

The other type of softballs that are used is 11 inches which are two inches larger than a regular baseball. These 11 inches softballs are generally used by boys and girls at 10 years old. Also, this type of ball is used by leagues of some women’s slow pitch.

On average an 11 inches softball weigh 5⅞ ounces to 6⅛ ounces & measures 10⅞ to 11⅛ inches in circumference.

What Are The Types Of Softballs?

Usually, there are different types of softballs available. These are as follows.

High Compression Softballs: Also known as 12 inches softballs.

Mid-Compression Softballs: Also known as 11 inches softballs.

Low Compression Softballs: THis type of softball are available in both 11 inch and 12 inches sizes. 

16 Inch Chicago Style Softballs: It is the largest type among all types & does not need to use gloves to play this type of ball.

How Much Does A Softball Cost?

Softball’s price depends on the materials used to make the balls. Usually, leather softballs cost higher than balls made from synthetic materials.

On average you can get a softball for around $4 to $10 or more. Also if you buy multiple softballs at a time then you can save money. So if you buy one dozen softball then the cost of each ball may reduce from $4 to $2.

Although there are not many differences between fast-pitch and slow-pitch softballs.

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Fun Facts

>>Softball is played in over 140 countries including the USA.

>>The First softball was invented by reporter George Hancock in 1887.

>>In the USA there are over 40 million summer softball players available. 

>>First ever softball was a boxing glove.

>>The name “softball” was invented by Walter Hakanson in 1926.

>>Softballs are usually played by women and because of it, it is known as ladies’ baseball.

>>Softball must be pitched underhand!