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Mastiff or English Mastiff is a large, massive, and powerful dog breed with moderately short fawn or apricot or brindle color coat. They have a heavy head that is square with a short muzzle and drooping jowls.

Also their eyes and nose have a black mask around them. However, eyes are small and dark hazel or brown. Dropping small ears dark in color and flop downward and pendulous lips. The tails are heavy and low long and high on the rump and their feet are large.

They are loving, gentle and protected many homes and property over the years. Although history says they have been used as guard dogs, hunting dogs and war dogs and for blood sports for more than 2000 years in England. This type of dog is mainly found in European and Asian regions from 3000 BC.

Mastiff  Standing

How Much Does A Mastiff Weigh?

Usually, male mastiffs weigh higher than females. On average an adult male mastiff weighs 160 to 230 pounds or 73 to 104 kg. Although some male adult mastiffs are found more than 300 pounds or 136 kg. Adult female mastiff’s average weight is around 120 pounds to 170 pounds or 54 kg to 77 kg.

Average Weights Example Of Various Mastiff Breeds:

Bullmastiff – 100 to 130 pounds or 45 to 58 kg

American Mastiff – 140 to 200 pounds or 63 to 90 kg

Tibetan Mastiff – 70 to 150 pounds or 31 to 68 kg

Neapolitan Mastiff – 110 to 150 pounds or 49 to 68 kg

English Mastiff – 120 to 230 pounds or 54 to 104 kg

French Mastiff – 100 to 140 pounds or 45 to 63 kg

Spanish Mastiff – 110 to 200 pounds or 49 to 90 kg

Pyrenean Mastiff – 120 to 220 pounds or 54 to 100 kg

Abruzzese Mastiff – 90 to 220 pounds or 40 to 100 kg

How Much Does A Mastiff Puppy Weigh?

Mastiff puppies are born small and weigh around 2 pounds to 4 pounds or 0.90 kg to 1.81 kg. Unlike other large dog breeds, they take time to be fully grown and in most cases, it may take up to 4 years before they reach their full size.

English Mastiff Growth & Weight Chart

AgeMale Weight(Pound)Female Weight (Pound)
1 month5 – 205 – 15
2 months20-3515-30
3 months 35-5530-50
4 months 50-7040-60
5 months 60-9050-80
6 months 80-11060-90
7 months 110-14075-100
8 months 120-16085-115
9 months 130-17095-125
10 months 140-18010-140
11 months 145-190105-150
12 months 150-200110-160
24 months 160-230120-170

Note that the above numerical numbers estimate how much your English mastiff will grow by the month. Some puppies will grow quickly and will weigh higher than others and some will grow slowly and will weigh less than others.

How Much Does A Mastiff Eat?

For an adult mastiff, the daily recommended amount is 6 to 8 cups of high-quality dry food divided into two meals. If you want to feed your mastiff more then follow proper guidelines given by experts. If your mastiff chooses a raw diet then you will require 2.5 to 7 pounds of muscle meat or organ meat and bones daily.

How Big Do English Mastiffs Get?

A fully grown male English mastiff can be at least 30 inches or 2 feet 6 inches or 76 cm tall at the shoulder and a fully grown female English mastiff can be around at least 27.5 inches or 2 feet 4 inches or 70 cm at the shoulders. Both male and female English mastiffs are symmetrical and have a rectangular shape.

How Long Do Mastiffs Live?

On average a mastiff can live from six years to 12 years.

How Much Does A Mastiff Cost?

You can get a mastiff puppy for around $300 to $1300. And depending on the bredder you can get an adult mastiff can cost between $1000 to $3500.

How Many Mastiffs Are There?

There are over 14 different types of mastiff breeds out there. Below We have described a little info about all of them.

BreedPhysical FeaturesWeightPersonality Characteristics
Argentinian MastiffLarge, white, muscularMales weigh 88-99 pounds(40-45 kg)
Female weigh 77-88 pounds(35-40 kg)
Easy to train, loyal, playful
Brazilian MastiffLarge and wrinklyMales weigh 140-180 pounds(64-82 kg)
Female weigh 130-160 pounds(57-73 kg)
Aggressive, unforgiving, loyal, impetuous
BullmastiffLarge, very powerful, square looking, short coat hairMales weigh 110-130 pounds(50-59 kg)
Female weigh 99-120 pounds(45-54 kg)
Calm & Stubborn, gentle, affectionate, males are aggressive
English MastiffMassive, muscular, powerful, square head, dropping jowls, a black mask around eyes and noseMale weigh 150-240 pounds
Females weigh 120-200 pounds
Gentle,calm ,affectionate, protective , good-natured, courageous
French MastiffMassive head, heavy sizeMales weigh 120-140 pounds(54-65 kg)
Female weigh 120-140 pounds(54-65 kg)
Loyal, calm, courageous, patient, devoted
German MastiffVery tall, short straight dense outer coatMales weigh 120-200 pounds(54-90 kg)
Female weigh 99-130 pounds(45-59 kg)
Friendly, dependable, loving, gentle, confident, usually good with children
Italian MastiffSmooth large head, short coat, wide curved skullMales weigh 99-110 pounds(45-50 kg)
Female weigh 88-99 pounds(40-45 kg)
Easy to train, loyal, strong, intelligent, protective, good for hiking
Neapolitan MastiffShort dense coat, heavily wrinkled face, imposing sizeMales weigh 130-150 pounds(59-68 kg)
Female weigh 110-130 pounds(50-59 kg)
Loyal, protective, fearless, stubborn, dominant
Pyrenean MastiffLarge size, heavy coatMales weigh 140-200 pounds(64-91 kg)
Female weighs 130-180 pounds(59-82 kg)
Calm, gentle, stubborn, independent, socialized, great with family
Spanish MastiffLarge, muscular, wrinkly coatMales weigh 200-220 pounds(90-100 kg)
Female weighs 110-170 pounds(52-77 kg)
Less friendly, tough, stubborn, independent, great for guard
Tibetan MastiffHeavy, Long dark double coat, hard and straight hairMales weigh 100-160 pounds(45-73 kg)
Female weigh 75-125 pounds(34-57 kg)
Strong-willed, quiet, watchful, protective
Canary MastiffThick muscular body, broad and powerful snoutMales weigh 110-130 pounds(50-59 kg)
Female weighs 83-110 pounds(38-50 kg)
Large, strong, intelligent, powerful, calm, dominant, suspicious
Japanese MastiffMassive, statelyWeigh 80-135 pounds(36-61 kg)Gentle, sensitive, independent, intelligent
South African MastiffLarge and muscularMales weigh 130-170 pounds(60-79 kg)
Female weigh 120-160 pounds(53-73 kg)
Obedient, confident, intelligent, dominant
Kangal MastiffLarge wide head, velvety drop ears, double short coatMales weigh 110-130 pounds(48-60 kg)
Female weighs 88-110 pounds(40-50 kg)
Calm, controlled, protective, independent, powerful, sensitive
Alangu MastiffVery muscular, whiteMales weigh 150-200 pounds(70-90 kg)
Female weighs 130-150 pounds(60-70 kg)
Protective and aggressive

How Fast Can A Mastiff Run?

English mastiffs or mastiffs can not run fast because of the heavyweight. On average they can run 45 kph or 28 mph but they do seldom.

Fun Facts:

>>Mastiffs are descended from ancient roman war dogs!

>>In 2000 English mastiff Zorba broke the world’s record as the heaviest ever dog weighing around 343 pounds.

>>It is believed that Phoenician traders brought mastiffs to ancient Britain.

>>Among all types of mastiffs English mastiffs are very expensive as they eat a lot.

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