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An adult male cow from the species Bos taurus with large size and horns is called a bull. Most bulls are muscular in size and very aggressive than their female counterparts and also among the heaviest animals on the earth. Bulls are domesticated in different farms and ranches 

for their beef, dairy farming and hides. Also, they are an important symbol to many cultures. They participate in cultural activities like bullfighting, taming and bull riding etc. Usually found around the world bulls live in all continents except Antarctica.

In the world, there are almost 800 cattle breeds and among them, bulls are fully grown male cattle that have not been castrated yet.

There are two different types of cattle breed group that exists. They are Bos Indicus or Bos Taurus Indicus or Zebu and Bos Taurus or Bos Taurus Taurus. Among them, Bos Indicus cattle are found in mainly hot climates and Bos Taurus breeds are found in mainly cooler climates.

Bos Indicus breeds include Baggara, Tharparkar, Gyr, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Indo-Brazilian, Brahman, Nelore, Ongole, Boran, Kangayam, Southern Yellow, Kedah-Kelantan etc.

Bos Taurus Breeds Include Charolais, Friesian, Angus, Belgian Blue, Belgian red, Hereford.

Bulls Running On The Field

How Much Does A Bull Weigh?

On average an adult bull can weigh around 1100 pounds to 2200 pounds or 498 kg to 997 kg. Some bulls can weigh over 3500 pounds or 1587 kg in rare cases.

How Much Does A Bull Eat Per Day?

Bulls love snacks like grass, silage, hay etc and fully grown bulls have a huge appetite for these foods. They also love grains, oilseeds, roughages etc. Any fully grown bulls need to consume 25 pounds to 30 pounds or 11 kg to 15 kg or more grass hay or dormant grass per day. This amount of food needs to provide 38-45% crude protein supplement and 25000-28000 IUs of the vitamin daily.

How Fast Can Bulls Run?

Surprisingly bulls can run very fast! A charging bull can run up to 35 mph or 56 kph. Into herd hovers average running speed of bulls are 15 to 20 mph which is quicker than most people. During its running time, a bull can run 826 meters or 0.5 miles in length and this lasts two to six minutes depending on the respective bulls.

How Big Is A Bull Height?

Bull are heavy animals and the stand-up height of any mature bull can be 5 feet 11 inches or 1.8 meters to 6 feet 7 inches or 2 meters.

How Long Does A Bull Live?

On average a bull can live 18 to 22 years. Steer or castrated bulls are often killed before reaching 1650 pounds or 748 kg. However breading stocks can live up to 25 years or more.

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How Many Bulls Are There In The World?

According to food and agriculture organizations, globally there are around 1.5 billion cattle as of 2018. Among these cattle, 50% of cattle are bulls which means there are around 750 million bulls available.

How Do Bulls Communicate?

Bulls communicate with each other by using vocal and visual signs. For example to express threat or challenges or mating advances they “moo” and display different body and tails positions.

Bulls In Group

Are Bulls Dangerous?

Naturally, Bulls are the most dangerous and aggressive animals among all domestic animals. They need to be handled very carefully to ensure protection. Whoever comes into contact with bulls may recognize various body postures of threats and aggression. Even socialized bulls can be more aggressive and more likely to attack due to their very high hormone levels.

What Do Bulls Look Like?

As I said earlier bulls are the male version of cattle. A bull is more muscular than a cow and has a well-built body structure with a muscular neck, large dense boney head with protective ridges over both eyes and large feet. Although their body hair differs from breed to breed, however, the hair is shorter in the body, and the neck and head have curlier wooly hair. In terms of height, they are pretty similar to cows or taller than cows. They have a hump on their shoulders. Bulls can be horned or some bulls can be hornless and usually bull horns are thicker and shorter than cows.

How Much Does A Bull Cost?

On average you can get a bull rage from $4400 to $4800 for an average-sized bull. Some bull’s price can be excess than those figures.

Also you can buy a baby bull within $500 to $700. and untried young bulls cost can be $1000 to $2000.

How Much Does A Rodeo Bull Weigh?

On average a bucking bull or rodeo bull that is used in American rodeo bull riding competition can weigh around 1200 pounds to 2000 pounds or 544 kg to 907 kg. All rodeo bulls receive 10 pounds to 15 pounds high protein blend grain and around 15 pounds of high-quality hay each day. Blend quality varies depending on bulls and stock contractors.

How Much Does A Rodeo Bull Cost?

The price of a rodeo bull depends on many factors. DNA verified young bucking bulls with superstar bloodlines can cost around $100000. And practically proven to buck or rodeo bull can cost as much as $500000.

How Much Does A Rodeo Bull Rider Weigh?

A rodeo bull rider’s weight can not be more than 150 pounds or 68 kg.

How Much Does A Bull Rider Make?

Depending on bull riding nature and skills, in the USA the salaries of a bull rider can be range from $19910 to $187200 with a $44680 median salary.

50% of middle bull riders make $28400 and 75% of top bull riders make $187200.

Fun Facts:

>>Bullfighting is considered a sport but in many countries it is illegal! But legal in Portugal and Spain!

>>Bulls are just like cows that live in grasslands.

>>When A bull feels it is in danger then it lowers its head and shakes from side to side!

>>Bulls have one stomach with 4 chambers.

>>To make a bull angry you can hold a piece of red cloth in front of it!

>>In Spain each July bullfighting events are arranged by the authority in where bulls are set free to run through cobbled streets that is full of people who must run from these huge animals and avoid getting gored!

>>At its peak physical strength a strong bull can easily kill a lion!

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