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A panther is a large wild cat often used to describe leopards, jaguars & specific members of the cougar family. All panthers usually have plain tawny to greyish or black shiny coats of fur throughout their long body and tail.

However, panthers do not have spots rather they have black rosettes around their body which is very hard to see. Their heads are small and ears are rounded and eyes are emerald green.

With strong jaws & powerful large legs, they can run faster than your imagination. Although their hind legs are longer & larger than the front legs.

Panthers are found on different continents including North America, South America, Africa & Asia. Usually, they live in swamps, grasslands & forests. Panthers are solitary animals.

Those big cat members that are known as panthers are very skilled and ferocious predators that are very strong, fast, agile, well camouflaged & are excellent climbers. Wild boar, Deer, Different birds, small mammals, antelope etc are the main menu they go hunting for.

So How Much Does A Panther Weigh?

Male panthers are heavier than females. On average a male panther can weigh between 130 pounds to 160 pounds or 59 kg to 73 kg. Some male panthers can weigh up to 250 pounds or 113 kg or in rare cases weigh more than 300 pounds or 136 kg. And on average a female panther can weigh between 70 pounds to 100 pounds or 32 kg to 45 kg.

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How Much Does A Newborn Panther Weigh?

Generally, a female panther gives birth to two or four to six cubs. But most of the time they birth two or three cubs. On average a cub can weigh 16 ounces to 35 ounces or 453 grams to 992 grams.

How Much Does A Black Panther Weigh?

Black panther refers to three large type cat family members which are black leopards or Panthera pardus, black jaguars or Panthera onca, & black cougars or Puma concolor.

Melanistic leopards which are very dark brown colored known as the black panther. Due to their dark coloring, black panthers have a huge advantage over their predators as black colors make it difficult for their prey to see them. However, depending on their species, the weight of these black panthers varies a lot.

Usually, male black panthers are 30% heavier than females. On average male black panthers weigh 66 pounds to 200 pounds or 30 kg to 91 kg & female black panthers weigh 51 pounds to 130 pounds or 23 kg 59 kg. However, if you consider the main three types of black panther’s weight differently then their weight will be different too.

On average a male leopard weighs between 80 pounds to 165 pounds or 36 kg to 75 kg and a female leopard weigh between 46 pounds to 132 pounds or 21 kg to 60 kg.

On average a male jaguar weighs 126 pounds to 250 pounds or 57 kg to 113 kg and a female jaguar weigh 100 pounds to 200 pounds or 45 kg to 91 kg.

And average weight of a male cougar is 117 pounds to 220 pounds or 53 kg to 100 kg & a female cougar’s average weight is 64 pounds to 141 pounds or 29 kg to 64 kg.

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How Much Does A Florida Panther Weigh?

Florida panthers are the subspecies of the panther. They are tanned-colored big cat members and is believed that they are one type of cougar rather than panther but they are called as panthers for many years.

However, they are the state animal of Florida State and endangered animals too. Suburban development is the main threat to Florida panthers.

On average a male Florida panther weighs 100 to 160 pounds or 45 kg to 73 kg. And a female Flordia Panther weighs 70 pounds to 100 pounds or 32 kg to 45 kg.

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How Big Is A Black Panther?

Without their tails a leopard black panther can be 90 cm to 160 cm or 0.9 meters to 1.6 meters or 35 inches to 63 inches, a jaguar black panther can be 150 cm to 180 cm or 59 inches to 71 inches & a cougar black panther can be 106 cm to 137 cm or 42 inches to 54 inches long.

How Big Is A Florida Panther?

Usually, Florida panthers’ height varies. They measure 24 inches to 28 inches at their shoulder & from their nose to the tip of their tail they can be measured from 6 feet to 7.2 feet.

How Fast Can A Panther Run?

On average a panther can run up to 35 mph or 56 kph for short distances. However, they can pace themselves to travel over 20 miles or more per day. During their hunting period, they use as much as stealth over speed for catching the prey.

How Fast Can A Black Panther Run?

On average a leopard black panther can run 36 mph or 58 kph, a jaguar & a cougar both can run 50 mph or 80 kph to way up to 64 mph or 103 kph.

How Fast Can A Florida Panther Run?

Flordia panthers can run 35 mph for a few hundred yards. However, when they get close to their prey they can launch a faster spring attack for a short distance. Also, they increase their running speed when they try to hide from their predator.

What Do Panthers Eat?

Panther’s favorite foods are deer, wild hogs, wild boar, raccoons, antelopes etc. However also love to eat livestock animals or small animals like dogs, birds, rabbits, fish, goats, sheep, calves etc. Panthers eat almost everything that moves in front of them as long as they are not getting a chance to eat big or strong prey.

What Do Black Panthers Eat?

Black panthers love to eat wild boars, deer, wild boars, antelopes etc. They also prey nearest livestock animals including sheep, goats, cows, dogs etc.

Also, these powerful predators eat small animals like fish and birds. They can easily climb on trees up to 20 feet in height and catch their prey.

Their black fur helps them hide at night easily from their prey and incredible eyesight helps them to track down their prey.

What Do Florida Panthers Eat?

Florida Panthers are usually carnivores which means they only eat meat. They prey on feral hogs, white deers, armadillos, raccoons, rabbits, alligators etc as their diet almost covers 90% of their diet. They run after their prey and squeeze them to death to eat them.

How Much Food Does A Panther Eat In A Day?

On average a panter needs to eat 20 pounds to 30 pounds of meat at one time. However female panthers with cubs may eat more than that amount.

To maintain healthy fitness all adult panthers need to eat the equivalent of 1 deer or hog per week. And Females with cubs need 2 deer or hogs per week.

Flordia panthers eat 30 to 50 deer size animals each year. Although female Florida panthers with their cubs eat twice that amount.

Where Do Black Panthers Live?

mainly black panthers live in different hot, dense tropical rainforest areas of South & Southeast Asia including China, Nepal, Burma, South India, Indonesia, South part of Malaysia etc.

They are solitary animals that usually live alone and find their prey alone at night. However, during the breeding season, they meet their counterparts.

Where Do Florida Panthers Live?

Florida panthers live in different hot and wet places of Florida more specifically southern Florida. They spend most of their time on wetlands, grasslands, cypress swamps, pinelands, hardwood swamps, upland hardwood forests etc places.

They are solitary animals and love to live alone rather than living in groups. Male and female Florida panthers are seen together only during the mating time.

How Long Do Panthers Live?

In the nature a panther can live 12 years whereas in captivity a panther can live up to 20 years.

How Long Does A Black Panther Live?

A Black panther or a black leopard or a jaguar can live from 15 to 20 years in captivity and 12 to 17 years in the wild. However, a black cougar can live up to 10 years in the wild and up to 20 years in captivity.

How Long Does A Florida Panther Live?

In the wild, a Florida panther can live eight years to up to 15 years. Although this life span depends on overall environment, life cycle, surroundings, eating habits etc factors.

Fun Facts:

>>Lorenz Oken, a German naturalist first described Panthera species in 1816!

>>Beleive it or not panthers are excellent swimmers. However, they are not a fan of water & they do spend most of their time in the water for cooling off, recreational swimming, relaxing and playing!

>>Because of their ferocity and stealthy speed they are often known as the “ghost of the forest”.

>>White panthers are rare among all types which are mainly found in Pakistan!

>>They start catching prey when they reach 9 months of age.

>>During the birth of panthers cub, their eyes remain closed and covered by some light fur! Although they open their eyes after 4 to 9 days later.

>>Panthers are nocturnal animals that generally take a rest in the day and hunt at night.

>>In Gabon, they call black panthers as their national animal.

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