Weight Of Tires

A tire is a round, ring-shaped rubber covering component or cushion that surrounds a wheel’s rim with an inflated(filled with compressed gas or air) inner tube. Mainly used to load from a vehicle’s axle via wheel to the ground and provide propper traction to the surface on which wheels travel.

The design of a tire varies depending on the product type and manufacturers, on average a tire contains more than one hundred separate components which include natural rubber, steel, synthetic rubber, nylon, silica, polyester, petroleum, carbon black etc and more.

These components are combined and processed differently by the manufacturers which ultimately makes different performance characteristics for each tire. The very first air-filled tire was invented by a 23-year-old Scottish engineer Robert William Thomson in 1845.

It was actually a vulcanized rubber pneumatic (inflatable) tire. That tire was called “leather filled with air”.

So, How Much Does A Tire Weigh?

Depending on size, types or models, making materials, quality, applications etc a tire’s weight varies. However, a smaller passenger car tire can weigh around 20 pounds to 22 pounds or 9 kg to 10 kg.

And a large truck tire can weigh anything between 30 pounds to 80 pounds or 13.60 kg to 36 kg. Keep in mind an all-terrain vehicle tire or mud-terrain tire weight will be heavier.

On average a large 16-inch, an all-terrain tire can weigh around 50 pounds or 22.67 kg and a 16-inch mud terrain tire can weigh around 60 pounds or 27.21 kg or even more depending on which brands are making the models.

How Much Does A Tractor Tire Weigh?

Tractor tire weights also vary depending on the models and manufacturers. Some smaller models weigh lighter and some bigger size models weigh heavier. On average a large-sized tractor tire can weigh 400 pounds to 600 pounds or 181.4 kg to 272 kg each.

So, if you count each tire’s weight and add up the whole tractor tire weight then this can be around 800 pounds to 2400 pounds or 363 kg to 1089 kg!

Tractor Tire

Example of Tractor tire size As Per Tractor Brand

Tractor BrandTire SizeDiameter (mm)Tire Weight(lbs)
Case IH420/85 R341578245
Case IH480/70R281425229
Case IH540/65R281412270
Case IH600/65R281491290
Deutz Fahr540/65R341570280
Deutz Fahr280/85 R20″98578
Deutz Fahr360/70 R20″1052101
John Deere7.50R1682036
John Deere12.5/80-18 in. I3 Bias98792
John Deere230/95R40 R11460106
John Deere230/95 R40 122A8 Radial1460.5117
John Deere6.50R1676024
John Deere540/65R281412270
John Deere600/65R281491290
John Deere420/85R301491215
SAME420/85 R28″1354188
Case IH710/70R422088741
Case IH480/80 R502045429
Case IH580/70R381827479
Case IH650/65R381811496
Case IH650/65R421931482
Deutz Fahr710/60R421920588
Deutz Fahr900/60R422147893
Deutz Fahr710/75R422140741
Deutz Fahr650/85R382063720
Deutz Fahr360/70 R201052109
Deutz Fahr420/70 R241250181
Deutz Fahr420/85 R241324190
Deutz Fahr340/85 R281293147
Deutz Fahr380/85 R28″1360185
Deutz Fahr420/70 R301402219
John Deere280/70 R1885564
John Deere19.5L – 24 In 10PR R4 Bias1313.18206
John Deere230/95R40 R11460115
John Deere230/95 R40 R1W Radial1460115
John Deere260/70 R1677053
John Deere650/65R381825514
John Deere710/70R381950580
John Deere520/85R42 R1W1958412
NEW HOLLAND710/70R422061686
SAME460/85 R38″1761320
SAME16.9 -28″1435161

Table credit: farming base

How Much Does A Tractor Tire cost?

On average you can purchase a high-quality tractor tire for $1600 to $2900 or more. However, some models come with lower prices but they will still cost you lots of money. So if you purchase a used tire then it will save you some bucks.

How Much Does A Semi Tire Weigh?

On average a semi-truck tire can weigh around 110 pounds to 120 pounds or 49.89 kg to 54.43 kg.

How Much Do Monster Truck Tires Weigh?

Monster truck tires are the best among all types of truck tires! Popular tire and rubber company like Goodyear and Firestone makes truck tires that are almost 66 inches high and 43 inches wide which is about nearly six feet tall and four feet wide.

On average a monster truck tire can weigh around 800 pounds or 362 kg to 900 pounds or 408kg or more! Most of these tires are used on farm fields for fertilizer spreading and other tasks in the Midwest(north-central parts of the USA).

Monster Truck Tires

How Much Do Monster Truck Tires cost?

Monster truck tires are the most expensive of all types of tires. This is because these beast tires are made from high-quality rubber that can withstand very extreme pressure and terrain. On average a monster truck tire can cost you $1500 to over $3000 each.

These monster truck tires also last for a long period of time without any major problems or deterioration in terms of performance.

How Much Does A Motorcycle Tire Weigh?

Depending on motorcycle type, a motorcycle tire weight varies. On average a motorcycle tire can weigh between 3 pounds or 1.36 kg to 35 pounds or 15.87 kg or more. Note that the front motorcycle tire weighs less than the rear tires.

A front motorcycle tire can weigh around 3 pounds to 17 pounds or 1.36 kg or 7.7 kg and a rear motorcycle tire can weigh around 10 pounds to 30 pounds or 4.53 kg to 13.60 kg.

In addition, smaller street motorcycles or dirt bike tires weigh around 10 pounds to 20 pounds or 4.53 kg to 9.07 kg.

How Much Does A Motorcycle Tire cost?

The typical price of a single motorcycle tire can be around $69 to $159 or more depending on the tire quality and manufacturer.

How Much Does A Bike Tire Weigh?

On average a good quality bike tire weighs around 450g or 1 pound. So, if you consider tire weight depending on the bike type then a good quality road bike tire will weigh around 260g or 0.573202 pounds or more and a good quality mountain bike tire will weigh around 640g or 1.4109 pounds to way up to 1170g or 2.579408 pounds.

Road Bike Tire Weight – Example

Tire ModelWeight (grams)
Durano Plus 380
One Tubeless 340
One TLE Performance Addix275
Grand Prix 4 Season 240
P Zero Velo 210
Race L Evo 3 200
Grand Prix TT 190
Grand Prix Attack II 175
Grand Prix SuperSonic 150
Grand Prix SuperSonic 150
Record (silica compound)135

Mountain Bike Tire Weight – Example

Tire ModelWeight (grams)
Hans Dampf TrailStar 840
Force AM 760 760
Mezcal TNT G+ 2.0 725
Barzo TNT G+ 2.0 680
Racing Ralph TL-E Addix Speed 630
S-Works Fast Trak570
Rocket Ron LiteSkin Addix Speed520
Speed King II RaceSport 460
Big One LiteSkin PaceStar 440

How Much Does A bike Tire cost?

Depending on the mountain bike or road bike, you can purchase a bike tire for $15 to $150 or more. Basic bike tires that are usually suitable for commuting bikes can cost around $30 to $40.

However, the price of a single tire road bike can start from $25. And the price of a mountain bike can start from $80 to way up to $150. A tire of hybrid bike can cost anything around $50.

How Long Does A Tire Last?

On average a good quality tire that is driven all season of the year to 12000 to 15000 miles, can last around three to five years. This depends on tire quality, maintenance, driving styles, terrain types etc.

On the other hand, a motorcycle tire can last around five years or more depending on the road you are riding your motorbike and how you take care of your tire. Mountain bikes that are ridden 3000 miles to 8000 miles or more can last around 1.5 years or more.

Tires of Road bikes that are ride 1000 miles to 3000 miles or more can last for one year or more depending on the quality of the tire.

Fun Facts

>>Toy manufacturer company “The Lego Group” produces more tires than the other tire manufacturers! Which is above 300 million per year!

>>Rubbes that are used to produce tires are naturally white. With these white rubbers, carbon black is used to increase the durability of the tires!

>> World’s largest tire is now located in Allen Park Michigan which is almost 80 feet tall & weighs 12 tons!

>>All tires used in cars for the first 25 years were white! >>In each year more than 250 million tires are discarded and these tires are melted for asphalt or used for various garden mulch, some companies even use these tires to make out a new one!

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