How Much Does A Shopping Cart Weigh?

A shopping cart is the first thing you will take when you get into a shopping grocery or supermarket. A shopping cart is known by a variety of other names.

In most cases, customers use a shopping cart to transport their purchased products to their vehicles. Some shopping carts are not allowed to get out of the parking lot.

Some use locking mechanism that requires coin or token to use. In 1936 Sylvan Goldman and Fred young invented the first commercial grocery shopping cart.

Different Types Of Carts:

Most of the shopping carts are made of either metal or plastic or both materials. New models are usually made of plastic materials. They also come in many sizes. You will get vibration from the wheel when you walk or run with your shopping cart. Have you ever thought about how much a shopping cart can be weighed with or without loading?

Weights For Metal Shopping Carts:

Metal Shopping Carts

A full-size metal shopping cart can be too heavy, weighing around 32 to 65 pounds or 14 to 29 kg. some of them even are a couple of pounds heavier.

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Smaller size metal shopping carts are weighed around 32 to 38 pounds or 14 to 17kg. Steel frame and wire mesh add more weight.

Weights For Plastic Shopping Carts:

Plastic Shopping Carts

Today plastic shopping carts are popular choices in many stores like Target, Walmart and others. They are popular because they create low noise and provide low damage probability. In some cases the weight of plastic carts can be higher than metal carts. A full-size plastic cart will weigh around 36-55 pounds or 16-25 kg.

So, How Much Does A Shopping Cart Weigh?

Average weight of a full-size metal shopping cart is 32-65 pounds or 14-29 kg. Average weight of a full-size plastic shopping cart is 36-55 pounds or 16-25 kg. The empty Costco shopping cart can weigh about 65 pounds which is heavy compared to its large size. When fully loaded with groceries a shopping cart can easily be weighed over 150 pounds.

How Much Does A Shopping Cart Cost?

The cost of shopping carts varies depending on many factors. However, here is the list of different types of shopping carts price you may expect.

Full-size metal shopping carts – $80- $150
Full-size plastic shopping carts – $90-$160
Small metal convenience shopping carts – $75-$130
Double BasketMetal Express Shopping Cart cost $150-$$200
Small Shopping Cart with Wheels cost between $35-$70

Also you can get a full-size cheaper metal shopping cart after reconditioned condition around $90.

Fun Facts:

>>Shopping carts became popular in 1940 after three years of their introductions.

>>It is assumed that the first shopping cart was introduced in 1936 or 1937 In Oklahoma USA.

>>Almost half of the US shopping carts are produced in Wagoner, Oklahoma.

>>According to Food Marketing Institute nearly 2 million shopping carts are stolen each year.

>>Reknowned Walmart use GPS tracking device and hidden batteries under their shopping carts handle.