Weight Of Ballerinas

A ballerina is any female ballet student or dancer. Although both males and females can practice ballet. Male ballerina is called danseur or principal dancer if he is a highly ranked professional. A ballerina relies on years of extensive training to become part of a professional company. Ballet first begins in 1500 in Italy. The word ballet is derived from the Italian word “ballare” which means “to dance”.

So How Much Do Ballerinas Weigh?

How Much Do Ballerinas Weigh

On average most ballerinas weigh around 85 to 110 pounds or 38.5 pounds to 49.8 kg. As they have to be nimble on their feet, the weight of a ballerina is crucial. In many ballerina performances, one ballerina is lifted by another one.

Height is also important for ballerinas. The ideal height for a ballerina is from 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 8 inches. Although male performers are taller and stronger.

How Much Do Ballerinas Make?

A ballerina can make between $14500 to $ 256500 per year. This can be varied for the lowest to highest earners. Although most of the ballet dancer’s salaries are between $14500 and $36500. The average lowest salary is around $1326 for each week.

How Much Do NYC Ballet Dancers Get Paid?

In New York, the average salary of a ballet dancer is between $32556 to $48237 as of 2021.

How To Become A Successful Ballerina?

It requires years of dedication and practice to become a successful ballerina. On average around 8 to 10 years of hard training is required to become a successful and professional ballerina. For the first 5 to 8 years You will need to take one technique class per week. It will take 10 to 15 classes if you want to complete your training and join any ballet company.

Although a small fraction of ballet can reach their destination. Even after reaching the top level, an active ballerina can suffer a wide range of injuries including sprains, tendonitis, broken bones, etc.

How Are Ballerinas Ranked?

Ballerinas are ranked by their level of skill, experience, the performance they accomplish. In the USA ballet dancers are divided into three ranks in a professional company. These are corps de ballet, soloist, and principal.

The 5 Prestigious & Leading Ballet Companies Today Are:

-The Paris Opera Ballet.

-The Australian Ballet.

-American Ballet Theatre.

-National Ballet of Canada.

-Bolshoi Ballet.

The largest ballet company in the world is the Bolshoi Ballet of Moscow. It employs over 240 dancers.

Why Do Ballerinas Wear Tights Over Their Leotards?

Ballerinas wear tights to keep their muscles warm and comfortable and improve blood circulation normally.

Fun Facts

>>One ballerina can wear out 2 or 3 pairs of ballet shoes each week.

>> Usually a male ballerina is called “danseur” but in Italy he is called “ballerino”.

>>One ballerina can carry 3 times of her body weight on the tip of her toe!

>>Ballerinas are as strong as football players.

>>A ballerina’s costume is the most crucial part of his or her dance.

>>A single performance of a ballerina is equivalent to running 18 miles!

>>In her lifetime a ballerina wears 50 to 150 tutus.