How Much Does A Brick Weigh?

A brick is one kind of block. Bricks are made from dried clay, fly-ash, and are strong and durable. Bricks of different shapes and sizes are used by mankind for over thousands of years. The main purpose of using them includes domestic dwellings, commercial buildings, walls, roads, pavements and other types of constructions.

There are many types of bricks available depending on classes, materials, size etc which vary from one region to another. To transport them you need to know the estimated weight of bricks. Main types of available bricks size Standard, Modular, Norman, Roman, Jumbo, Economy, Paver, Engineer, King, Queen, Utility, and Thru-Wall bricks.

So How Much Does A Standard Brick Weigh?

Brick is introduced in a different country by standard sizes. Officially in the United States, brick sizes are decided by the American Society for Testing and Materials(ASTM)

Standard size of a brick measures 8 inches by 3 5⁄8 inches by 2 1⁄4 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds or 2.04 kg.

Commonly used modular bricks dimensions are 7 5/8 inches by 3 5/8 inches by 2 1/4 inches and weigh around 4.2 pounds or 1.90 kg.

Other types of heavier bricks are weighed up to 42 pounds or 19.05 kg.

How Much Does A Brick Weigh

Here is The List Of Weight Of Brick Based On Different Types:

Modular – 3.8 pounds (1.72 kg)
Standard – 4.2 pounds (1.90 kg)
Kingsize – 4.4 pounds (1.99 kg)
Eng. Kingsize – 4.6 pounds (2.08 kg)
Engineer – 4.7 pounds (2.13 kg)
Norman – 6.0 pounds (2.72 kg)
Closure – 6.1 pounds (2.76 kg)
Eng. Norman – 7.0 pounds (3.17 kg)
16″ Modular – 7.3 pounds (3.31 kg)
12″ Utility – 9.1 pounds (4.12 kg)
16″ Utility – 11.5 pounds (5.21 kg)
Triple – 12.1 pounds (5.48 kg)

How Much Does A Paver Brick Weigh?

Paver bricks are designed to use on roads and driveways. They are heavier and more durable and one or two inches thick.

Paver brick’s weight range from 11 to 22 pounds or 4.98 to 9.97 kg each depending on thickness.

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How Much Does A Cube Of Brick Weigh?

In today most of the bricks are sold in cubes rather than individually. In the United States, most of the brick cost includes labor, not materials.

One cubic brick is consisting of 500 bricks and weighs around 2000 pounds or 907 kg. One cub brick equals +-525 bricks.

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Fun Facts:

>>It is believed that it took as many as 4 billion bricks to build the enormous Great Wall of China.

>>The oldest brick was found back to 7500 BC and was made from mud.

>>There are actually thousands of types of bricks available depending on their size, use, form, method, origin, quality etc.

>>Bricks are energy efficient as they hold the heat of the sun.

>>Bricks are not combustible.