Weight Of Shingles

Roof shingles or simply singles are mainly used for roof covering & siding on different buildings. These shingles are consists of flat & rectangular elements. Usually attached with each other in overlapping courses & held by roof rafters.

Most roof shingles are generally made from slate, flagstone, metal, wood, plastic materials, heavy fiberglass, mat base, Composite, Solar, ceramic-coated mineral granules & asphalt etc.

Most shingles used in the USA are made from asphalt. Roof shingles also come in various patterns, textures, colors etc.

How Much Do Shingles Weigh?

Shingles weight depends on size, design, making materials etc. Overall a bundle of shingles can be weighed heavily. So, if you want to know the exact weight of shingles then you need to know bundles and squares.

For roofing terms, A full square equals 100 square feet. Usually, a square roof requires 3 bundles of shingles.

Also depending on the manufacturer’s actual weight per bundle or square of shingle varies. Over time shingle’s weight decreases as the elements are worn down.

So, on average three-tab asphalt type shingles weigh 230 pounds to 250 pounds per square & 50 pounds to 80 pounds per bundle.

Most commonly used Architectural shingles on residential roofs weigh 400 pounds to 430 pounds per square & 65 pounds to 80 pounds per bundle. And slate-type shingles weigh 800 pounds to 1000 pounds per square & over 300 pounds per bundle.

Roof shingles
Timberline HD Weathered Wood Architectural  
GAFRoyal Sovereign Golden Cedar6228.12
GAFTimbertex Charcoal Hip and Ridge5926.76
AtlasCastlebrook Architectural Shingles7534.01
Owens CorningOakridge Driftwood Laminated Architectural6529.48
Owens CorningTruDefinition Duration Driftwood Laminated  7232.66
Owens CorningClassic 3-Tab6529.48

Common Shingle Styles

Asphalt shingles are mainly available in three styles which are 3-tab asphalt, fiberglass asphalt & architectural style asphalt. Among these three types, 3-tab shingles are the most affordable shingles. Also, these are easy to install but due to their thinner base wear out more quickly than the other two types.

Architectural style asphalt is known as laminated or dimensional shingles & is the highest quality shingles among all. Usually made from fiberglass, mat base, ceramic coated minerals etc which makes Architectural asphalt shingles non-combustible and fire-resistant.

Also, Architectural asphalt shingles provide the best safety coverage to any home. Fiberglass asphalt shingles are thinner & lighter.

Also, they can serve for many years (30-50 years) as they don’t change their shape when they dry out. Also, these fiberglass asphalt shingles are environmentally friendly.

How Much Do Shingles Cost?

Asphalt three-tab shingles that are the most popular roofing shingles among all will on average cost $159 per square (100 square feet). However, the average price range can be $128 to $190 per square. 

If you want to buy low-end quality then the cost can be as low as $96 per square & for higher-end quality as high as $208 per square.

How Much Does It Cost To Shingle A Roof?

When your roof shingles get old, you may need to replace them with a brand new one. So, is the installation very costly? It depends on the level of the professional labor you are gonna hire.

You may need to tear off and dispose of old shingles or in some cases, you just may need to leave existing shingles in place & install new shingles on the top.

On average most homeowners pay as low as $5000 to way up to $12000 or higher to install new shingles. Although average labor cost is between $8000 to $9000.

Fun Facts:

>>75% of house’s roofs in North America are made from Asphalt shingles!

>>In the pacific northwest, white & red shingles are known as the most classic roofing shingles!

>>Beleive it or not shingles made from metals are generally lighter than shingles made from wood.

>>Most shingles are easily recyclable!