Weight Of Hockey Puck

A hockey puck is an open or closed disk that is used in a variety of hockey games such as ice hockey and floor hockey etc. They are designed to serve the same function as a ball does in ball-related games. 

Ice hockey uses a closed disk which is made of vulcanized rubber. This type of disk is also known as “flat ball”. They can be used on different sources like an ice surface, dry floor, underwater etc. Open disk puck only used on floor hockey games.

So How Much Does A Hockey Puck Weigh?

A hockey puck can weigh around 5.5 to 6 ounces or 156 grams to 170 grams. It is one inch thick and three inches in diameter. Although some hockey pucks can weigh a bit more or less than the above. Each puck features a crisscross pattern to make it easier to control it on the ice.

How Much Does A Hockey Puck Weigh

How Much Does An NHL Hockey Puck Weigh?

Officially an NHL hockey puck is weigh around 6 ounces or 170 grams.

What Is A Hockey Puck Made Of?

All standard ice hockey pucks are made of vulcanized rubber and other bonding material. Vulcanization process is used to make the ball durable, hard and smooth. All the pucks used in NHL and AHL are frozen before a game to ensure that during the game it glides smoothly across the ice at a faster speed. A rubber pack is also helpful in not bouncing. Every two minutes of a game a puck gets replaced by another one. It is usually more than a dozen pucks to be used!

How Fast Is A Hockey Puck?

During a hockey game, a hockey puck can go as fast as 100 mph or 160 km/h or more. The fastest hockey puck speed in ice hockey recorded 110.3 mph which was slapped by Denis Kulyash.

How Many Countries Make Hockey Pucks?

Mainly ice hockey pucks are made in just 4 different countries which are Canada, Russia, China and the Czech Republic.

What Is The Origin Of The Hockey Puck?

It is assumed that the word hockey puck was first used in Canada in 1867. Rumors have that a black rubber ball was cut in half to use it as a hockey puck we know today.

How Much Does An NHL Hockey Puck Cost?

Hockey puck that is used in NHL cost around $40 to $100 each.

How Long Does The Average Hockey Puck Last?

On average a hockey puck used in NHL last 2 or 3 minutes before being replaced. The warmer hockey puck is softer and will be chipped quickly.

What’s Inside A Hockey Puck?

The inside of a hockey puck is made of a mixing of natural rubber, antioxidants, different bonding materials and chemicals. These provide a balance of hardness and resilience. Then a metal roller is used and turned by a machine where workers add extra natural rubber and make the mixing even.

Fun Facts:

>>First known hockey puck was used in a game was square.

>>Modern Hockey pucks are frozen at 14 degrees F or 10 degrees C to prevent it bounce on the game.

>>NASA once used two tons of hockey pucks to train its astronauts.

>> Hockey pucks birthday celebrated on February 7th.

>>At the early stages of hockey games cow dung were used as a hockey puck.

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