Weight Of Curling Stone

Curling stone is also known as a rock in North America that is made of granite. It has a large circular polish with a handle on the top and is mainly played on ice. When winter Olympic games come around the USA people love with curling. Each player slides curling stones along the ice towards … Read more

Weight Of Jockey

A jockey is a person who rides horses in different horse racings mainly as a profession. The word “jockey” was first used in England and used to describe those who rode horses in the racings. Most of the horse jockeys are self-employed and get small free from horse trainers and a certain percentage from horses … Read more

Weight Of Cricket Ball

Cricket is popular sport around the world. It is more popular in some countries than in others. Most popular cricketing countries are Australia, South Africa, England, Pakistan, India, West Indies, Sri Lanka etc. Cricket bat and ball are the keys of the modern game. And a cricket ball is an integral part of a cricket … Read more

Weight Of Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are used by the fighters on their hands during practices and boxing matches. Boxing gloves are featured cushioned and designed to protect both opponent’s head and hands. There are usually two types of boxing gloves available. Lace-ups and velcro (known as general gloves). Lace up gloves are used for a more customizable secured … Read more