Weight Of Shot Put

A shot put as a heavy spherical ball that is thrown by an athletic contest by the different contenders as far as possible. Shot put is a popular type of sport that exist for over a hundred years. In the old ancient times, stones were used as shot put. The first recorded shot put came … Read more

Weight Of Bar On A Smith Machine

A Smith machine is a weight machine and used for weight training. It consists of a bar that is usually made of steel with sturdy rollers around it. These rollers are pressure lifts and are used for weight lifting activities. Each bar has two discs of varying weight attached at each end used for weight … Read more

Weight Of Pool Table

A pool table that is also known as a pocket billiard table or billiards table is a bounded table that has been worlds one of the most popular indoor activities for many years. The first pool table was made in France in the 1400s and the early version of pool tables are owned by King … Read more

Weight Of Golf Cart

A golf cart is a small motorized vehicle that is used to carry two golfers along with their golf clubs and golf bags around a golf course. It is also known as a golf buggy. Mainly used on desert trails. The first-ever used golf cart was homemade in 1932 and it was popular with people … Read more

Weight Of Discus

A discus is a heavy thick centered object or disc which is circular in size thrown by athletes as far as they can compare to their competitors as a sport. Also known as disc throw. It is an ancient sport that the Greeks took part in back in 708 BC. Still, it is a popular … Read more

Weight Of Treadmills

A treadmill is a device or machine that you can use for walking, running, climbing while staying at the same place. The concept of a treadmill is over a thousand years old but from the 1960s and 70’s its popularity increased. Previously used as a punishment device in prisons the treadmills are now used as … Read more

Weight Of Sumo Wrestlers

Known as Rikishi in Japan which means “strength” and “warrior”, sumo wrestlers are among the world’s largest and heavyweight athletes. Sumo wrestlers are popular for their great girth and body mass which are sometimes considered as winning factors. Most of the sumo wrestlers live in communal sumo training stables where everything of their daily lives … Read more

Weight Of Skis

When it comes to spending time on the slopes for relaxation skis are the ones you need to head out to the snow. So what is a ski? A ski is a lightweight semi-rigid material that is worn to your both underfoot to glide over snow which needs to attach your ski boots that are … Read more

Weight Of Ballerinas

A ballerina is any female ballet student or dancer. Although both males and females can practice ballet. Male ballerina is called danseur or principal dancer if he is a highly ranked professional. A ballerina relies on years of extensive training to become part of a professional company. Ballet first begins in 1500 in Italy. The … Read more

Weight Of Hockey Puck

A hockey puck is an open or closed disk that is used in a variety of hockey games such as ice hockey and floor hockey etc. They are designed to serve the same function as a ball does in ball-related games.  Ice hockey uses a closed disk which is made of vulcanized rubber. This type … Read more