Weight Of Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell also known as State House Bell is one of the most iconic and historical symbols in the U.S. independence. It is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is made of 70% copper and 20% tin and 10% other materials. The bell features a yolk that was crafted out of American elm and weighs around 100 pounds.

At the early stage, the bell was called the “State House Bell”. Current name was given by the abolitionists who were trying to stop slavery in the USA.

Commissioned in 1751 by the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly, it was the first cast in London and was purchased for about £100 and arrived in Philadelphia in August 1752 and installed in Pennsylvania State House currently known as Independence Hall.

How Much Does The Liberty Bell Weigh

The cost of the original bell was around $225.50 in 1752. And in 1753, the recasting cost was around $54. After arriving in Philadelphia in 1752 the bell was first cracked and tested. Local craftsmen John Pass and John Stow did the job. The added copper makes the bell durable and silver to sweeten its tone. The bell was recast in 1753.

After world war two, National Park Service was allowed to take custody of the bell. Although ownership remains to the Philadelphia. In 1976 the bell was moved from its longtime home in Independence Hall to the nearest glass pavilion. And in 2003 it was moved to the Larger Liberty Bell Center.

One image of the liberty bell is currently used on a $100 note. The image changes its color depending on the angle it is held.

In 1950, the federal government gave every state of the country and its territories a replica of the Liberty Bell.

What Is The Meaning?

In the U.S. over the last few centuries, the Liberty Bell has become a symbol of freedom and played a significant role in many cultural and historical changes. As the USA has organized many historical events over the last few years, the world has introduced this famous bell more. The main meaning of this bell is the declaration of independence and the abolition of slavery in the USA. In the 1800’s it was also used as a symbol of peace to unite countrymen.

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So How Much Does The Liberty Bell Weigh?

The weight of Liberty Bell is around 2080 pounds or 900 kg or 1.04 tons.

The bell measures three feet from lip to crown. Circumference around the crown and around the lip measures six feet eleven inches and twelve feet respectively.

In every year more than a million people visit this Liberty Bell. In 1976, a recorded 3.2 million people visited the Liberty Bell in its new home.

Fun Facts:

>>There is a debate about when the Bell was cracked. One theory is it was first cracked in 1752.

>>It is believed that the bell was not rung on 4th July 1776 and 8th July 1776 due to repair at that time.

>>The Liberty Bell last hit on the road in back 1915.

>>The Liberty Bell has featured on many coins and stamps. Also its name and image have been used by many corporations.

>>Pennsylvania is misspelled “Pensylvania” in the Liberty Bell. This is one of the several acceptable spelling mistakes since then.