Weight Of Lion

Known as the “king of beasts”, lions are easily recognizable due to their unique mane and very loud roar. Also, they have compact strong muscular, deep-chested bodies with short and rounded heads with round ears.

Their coats are yellow-gold although males have large manes with blond to reddish-brown to black color which covers their head & neck and stretches underneath their belly. Also, they have a hairy tuft at their tails end.

However, their mane’s color and lengths are determined by age and genetic hormones. Females do not have mane on their heads. They are lazy, proud, regal & kingly predators who use their powerful forelegs, jaws, and teeth to pull down and kill any prey.

They are a large member of the cat family mainly found in Africa , India & Europe. They are social animals and live in groups known as pride.

So How Much Does A Lion Weigh?

Usually, adult male lions are bigger than females. And their weight varies based on breed. On average an adult male lion can weigh 330 pounds to 570 pounds or 150 kg to 259 kg and an adult female lion can weigh 270 pounds to 400 pounds or 122 kg to 181 kg.

However, the largest recorded ever lion was an African Lion whose weight was over 800 pounds or 362 kg.

Male Lion Resting

Average Weight Of Lion Based On Global Range

RegionMale WeighFemale Weigh
Southern Africa331–496 pounds or 150–225 kg  183–364 pounds or 83–165 kg  
India350–420 pounds or 160–190 kg  240–260 pounds or 110–120 kg  
East Africa321–451 pounds or  145.4–204.7 kg198–370 pounds or 90–167.8 kg

How Much Does A Baby Lion Weigh?

At birth, on average a baby lion weighs 2 pounds to 4 pounds or 0.9 kg to 1.8 kg. Baby lions grow very quickly and a baby lion can weigh 50 pounds or 22 kg when it reaches its first birthday.

Baby Lion

Where Do Lions Live?

Almost all the wild lions live in the Sahara desert of Africa. Although one small group is found in Gir forest national park, India. Note that lions of the west and central Africa are similar to those found in India rather than those found in East and southern Africa.

Do Lions Live In The Jungle?

There is a misconception that lions are lived in the jungle as they are known as the “king of the Jungle”. Actually, African lions do not live in the jungle.

They actually live in grasslands and plains. Three out of the five largest populations live in open areas like the savannas of Tanzania where they can easily hunt.

Female Lion Pair

How Fast Can A Lion Run?

Usually, female lions are 30% fast runner than males as they are lighter than males which gives them the edge. On average a female lion can run 80 km/h or 50 mph for a very short distance like when they hunt their prey.

How Long Does A Lion Live?

In the wild a female lion can live 8 to 15 years & a male lion can live 8 to 12 years. In some cases, it can live up to 16 years depending on their nutrition and natural habits. However, in captivity, a lion can live up to 25 years or more.

Usually, female lions have a longer life span than males. Although the exact reason is unknown, it is believed that due to sex-specific costs of reproduction and complex local environmental conditions females survive at least 50% longer than the males in the wild.

What Do Lions Eat?

Lions love meat. Usually, they hunt down medium to large size animals like zebras, antelopes & wildebeests etc. Sometimes they prey on much more larger animals when they are sick or injured. Also, they eat carrion meat.

How Much Does A Lion Eat?

Lions eat every day. Usually, male lions eat more than females. On average a male lion needs to eat 16 pounds of meat per a day and a female lion needs to eat 11 pounds of meat per a day.

How Much Does A Lion Sleep?

Lions are lazy animals and love sleeping. Every day they spend 16 to 20 hours resting and sleeping.

How Much Does A Lion Cost?

On average a lion can cost $5000 to way up to $15000 depending on the breed. White lions which are rare species can cost up to $140000 which is huge! All lions cubs are cheaper than adult lions and on average a lion cub can cost $1600 to $15000.

How Big Are Lions?

As I said earlier male lions are much more larger than female lions. On average a male lion can be 5.6 t 8.3 feet long with a 27 to 41 inches long tail. And the length of a female lion can be 4.6 feet to 5.7 feet.

However African lions can be 9 feet to 10 feet or 3 meters long from head to tails. WHereas tails length is 2 feet to 3 feet or 60 to 91 cm. Recorded longest lion was found in Kenya and it was a male lion with 11 feet long.  

What Are Lions Threats?

Habitat loss, conflict with humans & illegal hunting are the biggest threats to lions. Due to human expansion in Africa, there are only around 8% of African lions lived on their land once they occupied.

Human activity increased in their territory and conflicts between these are increasing. Lions will eat human livestock because of human expansion or farmer retaliation their prey is becoming unavailable. As a result, farmers will kill lions to keep their livestock protected.

Habitat loss is another reason their lives are in danger as it reduced the availability of prey. Another threat is the illegal wildlife trade which includes lions bones as they can be used in traditional Asian medicine as an alternative to tiger bones. And its demand is increasing day by day.

What Are Lions Conservation Status?

Currently, lions are listed as “Vulnerable” on IUCN’s(International Union for the Conservation of Nature) red list. Their numbers are declining and in the wild, there are only around 20000 lions. In West Africa, they are listed as “Critically Endangered”.

What Are Lions Social Structure?

They are the most social among large cats. They live in groups called “pride”. Each group consists of 3 to 30 lions including lionesses, cubs & some unrelated males. Areas, where foods are vastly available, will likely have larger pride.

Each member of pride is connected to each other with strong social bonds and they don’t like strangers. They mark and define their territory from others.

Male and female pride members have different roles and their activity includes hunting, raising cubs and grooming. Males guard their cubs and lionesses go out for hunting.

How Many Types Of Lion Are There?

African and Asian(Indian) lions are the two main types, however, there are some types available and in total they are eight types which are:

Barbary lion

Asiatic lion

West African lion

Masai lion

Congo lion

Southwest African lion

Transvaal lion

Ethiopian lion

Fun Facts:

>>Beleive it or not lions are the only members of the cat family who lives in groups!

>>Feamle lions are the ones who go hunting. But when the prey is too large, the male lion joins the party! Also, they eat the prey first!

>>You can easily hear a lion’s roar from at least 8 km away. Also, they roar together which can last around 40 seconds.

>>Lions use their wee to create their territory border!

>>Lions can leap as most 36 feet or 11m to catch their prey.

>>Most of the time lions do hunt at night and storms as their eyes adapted to the dark well and storms and wind makes things harder for the preys to see and hear them!

>>They communicate with each other by using sounds like growls, roars, moans, grunts etc. And they rub their heads to each other as an act of bonding!