Weight Of Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are one of the most popular & recognizable dog breeds in the world knowns as working dogs or mountain rescue dogs. They are powerfully built as well as very tall. Originated from the Alps, these strong working dogs have exceptional high tolerance ability in cold weather. 

They are very friendly, calm, protective & playful with both adults and children. You may see Saint Bernard’s in different red, brown, or brindle shades. However, you may see dark or black shades on their head, faces and ears. Their ears are floppy and set high on their head. 

The Head is very powerful and the short muzzle is wide. Broad nose with open and wide nostrils connected with black-colored lips.

Eyes are usually dark, brown, or blue and are a little droopy. Their chest and necks or collar are usually white around their nose, feet & end of the tail. Tails are broad and powerful and held low at the base when they relax.

Also, their coat can be both smooth and rough. Smooth coats 

are the generally flat and close and rough coat is flat, dense, and prolific around the neck and legs. Usually, these dense coats come in white color with a tan, mahogany, brindle, red, etc markings and all various combinations.

Saint Bernard Staring

Saint Bernards’s legs are muscular, very strong & straight with many bones. And their feet are large, strong, and have well-arched toes that are neat and compact. However, forelegs and thighs are both feathered & thighs have a bushy area.

An Augustine monk first gives their name. Between 1660 and 1670, Saint Bernard de Menthon acquired the first dogs and build a monastery & home for providing care for the sick. In the early time, Saint Bernards were used to help people who traveled through the Alps. However, later they were deployed to place “St. Bernard’s Pass” to do the same rescue work. 

Due to their large & powerful bodies, they are easily recognizable to those who are lost in the snow. Since three centuries ago monks started documenting their rescue works and from that time they have saved over 2500 humans. 

So How Much Do Saint Bernard’s Weigh?

Generally, male Saint Bernards are heavier and larger than their female counterparts. On average a fully grown male Saint Bernard can weigh between 140 pounds to 180 pounds or 64 kg to 82 kg. However, some males can weigh over 260 pounds or 117 kg or more.

A female Saint Bernard can weigh between 120 pounds to 140 pounds or 54 kg to 64 kg. Benedictine, a Saint Bernard holds the record for heaviest Saint Bearnard which weighed 359 pounds or 162 kg.

How Much Does A Saint Bernard Puppy Weigh?

Saint Bernard puppies start their life very small and grow fast and keep growing up to bigger sizes. When a saint Bernard puppy is born it weighs around 1 pound to 1.5 pounds. They grow very rapidly during the first year. They reach fully maturity level when they are three years of age.

How Much Does A Saint Bernard Eat?

How much a saint bernard can eat depends on many things like age, size, body build, activity levels etc. It is recommended that a Saint Bernard should eat 5 cups to 6 cups of high-quality dry food per day. A day’s eating time can be divided into two meals.

How Much Does A Saint Bernard Puppy Cost?

As of now, you can buy a Saint Bernard puppy within $1000 to $1500 in the USA. However, the cost can be a minimum of $500 to $2000. You should keep in mind that a high price tag does not mean high-quality care.

How Much Does A Saint Bernard Cost?

A fully grown Saint Bernard cost is divided into different parts which include foods, medical expenses, grooming supplies, accessories, and toys. So, it will cost around $2225 per year or $185 per month to own a fully grown Saint Bernard.

Among this amount consider $270 for foods and treats, $535 for grooming supplies, toys, and other accessories, $485 for medical costs. These costing figures can vary as per your dog’s age, health condition, and other things.

Saint Bernard With Baby

How Much Long A Saint Bernard Can Be?

On average a male Saint Bernards’s height can be 28 inches to 30 inches and a female Sain Bernards heigh can be between 26 inches to 28 inches.

How Long Do Saint Bernards Live?

On average a Saint Bernard can live from 8 years to 10 years.

How Long Do Saint Bernards Sleep?

On average a fully grown saint bernard sleeps around 14 hours or more a day.

Where Does A Saint Bernard Live?

You can find Saint Bernard dogs in different homes and dog shows. Although most cases they are kept as pets by dog-loving people. They need wide space for staying, playing, roaming, doing fun etc. They are very friendly and playful that’s why they need wide space to run and play with their owners and family members.

How Fast Can A Saint Bernard Run?

Due to their heavyweight Saint Bernards can’t run very fast. On average a fully grown saint Bernard can run around 15 to 20 mph or 24 to 32 kph for short distances. So if your Saint Bernard becomes lazy and lays down quickly then you should take it with you for daily walking and exercising.

Fun Facts:

>>Saint Bernards are originated from Italy & Switzerland.

>>In the mid-1800s they were known as “Barry Dogs” & “Noble Steeds” due to their famous rescues.

>>Saint Bernards communicate with other family members by making different sounds which include barking, growling, whining, yelping etc.

>>A hungry Saint Bernard will keep barking and using different body language until getting the food to eat.

>>If a Saint Bernard stares at you with its big eyes that means it does want to say you something!

>>A famous Saint Bernard name Barry who saved more than 40 to 100 lives from 1800 to 1814.

>>Although Saint Bernards are famous for rescuing. They can be used for farming too!

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