How Much Does A Paperclip Weigh?

A paper clip is a common piece of office equipment that is widely used in the world. But do you really know what does a paperclip weighs?

Paper clips look small and are made of either metal or plastic material. A paperclip features identical loops on each end and keeps papers, envelopes and other materials in order. 

How Much Does A Paperclip Weigh

So What Is The Weight Of A Paperclip?

Usually a single piece of paper clip made from metal weighs around 0.035274 ounces or 1 gram and 0.0031 pounds. And the weight of the jumbo paper clip is almost 36345 grams.

The paper clip was invented by many people from all around the world at the same time. But it is not confirmed for sure who was the actual inventor of it.

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In 1870, Gem manufacturing company based in UK first produced gem paper clips that we use today. Although they were never patented but mainly known as Gem Paper Fasteners. It was introduced to the US in 1892.

The first bent wire paper clip was invented in 1896 by Matthew Schooley. Samuel B. Fay is the first person in the US who was granted to the first patent in 1867. Although his product was mainly intended for holding tickets, fabrics etc which is different from the paper clip we use today. Thats why he is not counted as the inventor of paper clips.

Fun Facts:

>>The weight of paper clips will change over time.

>>During world war 2, Norwegians used paper clips to protest against Nazis.

>>The largest paper clip was made from iron in 1989 Norway.

>>Paper clip is widely used as the symbol for email attachment.