Weight Of Blue Whale

The blue whale is one of the largest marine animals in the world. They are up to 100 feet long. Mainly found in all oceans except the Arctic. They migrate from summer feeding grounds to winter breeding grounds when the season change.

Although some evidence suggests that individual whales in certain areas might not migrate to another place at all. At birth blue whales babies are considered the largest on earth.

How Much Do Blue Whales Weigh

How Much Do Blue Whales Weigh?

Weight of blue whales varies. Usually female blue whales are heavier than their male counterparts. A female blue whale in the northern hemisphere can weigh an average of 112 tones or 247000 pounds and a male whale can weigh an average of 100 tones or 220000 pounds. In Eastern North Pacific female blue whale can weigh an average of 100 tones or 220000 pounds and man whale can weigh an average of 88.5 tones or 195000 pounds.

A female blue whale’s weight can be more than 396000 pounds or 180000 kg and a male whale’s weight can be more than 330000 pounds or 150000 kg. But it is hard to believe that a blue whale can weigh around 441000 pounds or 200034 kg. That is the combined weight of 3 space shuttles!

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How Much Does A Blue Whale In Feet?

As females are bigger than male whales the longest whale can be 110 feet but on average they can be 70 to 80 feet.

How Much Do Blue Whales Eat?

As blue whales have the largest appetites among all animals so they need to eat a lot of food. Normally a blue whale can eat up to 8000 pounds or 3600 kg of krill each day for 120 days which is equal to 1000 kg or 2200 pounds of food.

In the northern Pacific region, a blue whale can eat up to 16 tons of krill each day.

During the summer feeding season, they can eat around 9000 pounds or 4082 kg of food each day.

How Loud Are Blue Whales?

Bule whales are the largest animal and as well as loudest animal. They can create the loudest vocalizations among any creature on earth which is louder than a jet engine.

The call of a blue whale can reach up to 180 decibels whereas a jet sound can reach up to 140 decibels. Which can be heard from 1000 miles or 1609 km away.

How Much Does The Tongue Of A Blue Whale Weigh?

Blue whales have a large tongue which alone can weigh as much as a female elephant. A blue whale tongue alone can weigh up to 5400 pounds or 2449 kg.

In 1988 author Spencer Wilkie Tinker stated in his book “Whales of the world” that the tongue of a large blue whale can weigh up to 3629 kg or 8000 pounds.

Blue whales also have big hearts which can weigh more than 2500 pounds or 1134 kg. That is heavier than some VW Beetle!

How Much Does A Baby Blue Whale Weigh?

A baby blue whale can weigh as much as a full-grown adult hippopotamus which is huge!

After staying one year in its mother’s womb a baby blue whale can birth weighing around 8800 pounds or 3991 kg or 3 to 4 tons and 25 to 26 feet in length. Amazing thing is that a baby whale gains around 200 pounds or 90.71 kg each day for its first year.

How Much Does A Killer Whale Weigh?

On average a killer whale can weigh up to 12000 pounds or 6 tons. They have a huge appetite and average size killer whales can eat up to 500 pounds of food each day.

The recorded weight of the largest male killer whale was 10000 kg or 22000 pounds. The largest recorded female killer whale weight was 7500 kg or 16500 pounds. An interesting fact about killer whales is that they have no specific enemies as they are kings of all marine animals.

How Much Does A Humpback Whale Weigh?

A fully grown Humpback whale can weigh up to 80000 pounds or 36.3 metric tons and 60 feet or 18.3 cm in length.

On average they can weigh around 40 tons or 36 metric tonnes and their length can be more than 16m or 50 feet.

How Much Do Whales Weigh?

-Humpback: 25-40 tons

-Killer: 3-6 tons

-Gray 30-40 tons

– Blue 72-135 tons

-Sperm 20-50 tons

-Fin 30-80 tons

-Bottlenose 6-7.5 tons

-Pilot 1.8-3.5 tons

-Northern Right 30-80 tons

How Long Do Blue Whales Live?

A blue whale can live around 80 to 90 years. The oldest blue whale was around 110 years.

How Many Blue Whales Are Available In The World?

The blue whale is worlds one of a rare animal. It is assumed that there are 10000 to 25000 blue whales available in the world today.

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Why Are Blue Whales Endangered?

Blue whales are endangered by the environmental change which includes habitat loss, toxics, etc.

What Is Being Done To Protect Blue Whales?

The NOAA fisheries working in many ways to protect this species. Also, they are protected under Endangered Species Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

How Fast Can The Blue Whale Swim?

A blue whale can swim around 5 miles per hour while they eat and travel but for short bursts, they can swim more than 12 to 20 miles per hour. Fin whales are the fastest among all whales and can swim up to 23 miles per hour.

Fun Facts:

>> Blue whales are massive in size but they eat one of the smallest marine animals like tiny shrimp.

>>Blue whales catch their food by diving and can go approximately 500 m deep.

>> Blue whales look blue in color under the water but on the surface, their color looks like mottled blue-gray.

>>Everything about a blue whale is massive. Its tongue weighs like an elephant, heart size like a car and blood vessels are so wide even you can easily swim through them.

>>They usually love to swim alone or in groups of two or four but when they found lots of food as many as 60 blue whales can come together.

>>To communicate with each other blue whales use a series of super loud vocal sounds which are the loudest among all animals in the world. Which can be heard from almost 1600 km away.

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