How Much Did The Titanic Weigh?

The Titanic aka “unsinkable” was one of the most luxurious vessels in the world. The name “Titanic” originated from the Greek Titans mythology. It was built in Belfast, Ireland by Belfast shipbuilders Harland and Wolf. Over $7 million was used to build the Titanic which is equivalent to over $184 million today. It took 26 … Read more

How Much Does A Boeing 747 Weigh?

Boeing 747 is a large, wide airplane first introduced by the Pan am on 22 January 1970. The first Boeing 747 had four landing gear and wheel bogies each and was able to fly at 900 km/h. This airplane was created to tackle congestion as increasing the number of planes was not the solution. That’s … Read more

How Much Does An Ambulance Weigh?

An ambulance is the most common vehicle that takes people to the nearest hospital when they get injured or sick. In the hospital, an ambulance is mainly used for medical purposes for transporting patients from one place to another. And most of the hospital provides ambulance for their patient’s care. Most ambulances come with sirens … Read more

How Much Does A T-Shirt Weigh?

Whether you are interested in buying online or you have an online business, knowing the weight of a t-shirt will help you to determine the right price of the product. It will also help you to know the right shipping cost if you send or receive from another country. The weight of a t-shirt depends … Read more

How Much Does A Paperclip Weigh?

A paper clip is a common piece of office equipment that is widely used in the world. But do you really know what does a paperclip weighs? Paper clips look small and are made of either metal or plastic material. A paperclip features identical loops on each end and keeps papers, envelopes and other materials … Read more

How Much Does A Letter Weigh?

A letter is a written message on a paper that is carried from one person or group to another. The United States postal service handles more than 484 million mail items each day which equals 20.2 million pieces per hour. Letters are an important part of history for thousands of years. It is assumed by … Read more

How Much Does A 20 Dollar Bill Weigh?

Have you ever used a $20 bill and thought about what is the weight of it? Officially 20 dollar bill is owned by the United States Government. It features the 7th US president of the United States Andrew Jackson on the front side since 1928. Andrew Jackson served as the US president from 1829 to … Read more

How Much Does A Gold Brick Weigh

A gold brick or gold bar is one of the most valuable materials in the world. Gold brick usually referrers to gold that are mainly used for investment and kept reserve at the places like Fort Knox. In any financial world, gold bricks price is discussed frequently. But it is difficult to know what is … Read more