Weight Of Nickel

A nickel is five-cent coin minted by the United States Mint. It is made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. First issued in 1866 and since then the nickel is one of the popular coins used by Americans every day. 

The first nickels featured the number 5 in large size surrounded by stars on one side. On the other side, it featured a striped shield.

In 2018 over 1.26 billion nickels were produced by the US. The initial design of shield nickel was done from 1866 to 1883 then replaced by the Liberty Head nickel. 

The current nickel features the head of president Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd us president since 1938. Although the current portrait was done in 2006.

How Much Does A Nickel Weigh

So, How Much Does A Nickel Weigh?

The first U.S. nickel was weighed 1.20 grams or 0.042 ounces. It was made of 89.25% silver and 10.75% copper. 

Since 1965 all the U.S. nickels(5 cent piece) minted weigh 5 grams or 0.176 ounces composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel. Currently used each nickel diameter is 21.21 mm and thickness is 1.95 mm.

Before Jefferson nickles there were other different series available. They are Washington nickel, Shield nickel, Buffalo nickel and the Liberty Head V nickel. All of those series weigh around 5 grams.

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Fun Facts:

>>US nickel is the only coin used by the US that is called by its metal name. Although it consists of 25% nickel and the rest is copper.

>>Before nickel the US had 5 cent coin known as half dime or half disme.